Florida Man Takes Stolen Construction Equipment On Joyride, Causes More Than $10,000 In Damage

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Last weekend a Florida man stole a Lull construction vehicle then took it for a joyride down State Road A1A. He crushed everything in his path from fire hydrants to mailboxes.

According to Flagler County Sheriff’s Office, Randy Lee Wealand stole the $60,000 vehicle from a construction site. He then drove it approximately 2.5 miles along A1A causing more than $10,000 in damage.

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During his joyride the 56-year-old is said to have run over two fire hydrants, a communications fiber node and several mailboxes. His short trip also broke multiple sections of sidewalk.

Florida Man Randy Lee Wealand. (Flagler County Sheriff’s Office)

It turns out this isn’t Wealand’s first run-in with the law. Although it looks like it’s the first time he’s been arrested for taking a construction vehicle on a joyride.

Florida keeps its title as the weird headline-making state

Police describe him as a career criminal and his extensive criminal record backs that up.

“This career criminal decided to go on a joyride with a large piece of construction equipment,” Sheriff Rick Staly said. “Wealand would have caused more damage if he was not stopped and apprehended by deputies.”

Wealand’s record includes multiple felonies in Pennsylvania and in Florida. He has eight felony convictions in the state of Florida alone.

His resume includes everything from grand theft and DUI to possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Thankfully Wealand was stopped when he was. Given his extensive record, and the fact that he was behind the wheel of a large construction vehicle, $10,000 in damage doesn’t seem like a lot.

This could have been an even more expensive joyride had it been allowed to continue. Keep doing you, Florida.

Written by Sean Joseph

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