Florida Man Paying Daily Fines To Keep ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ and Pro-Trump Signs Up

Walton County is fining a Florida man $50 a day for refusing to take down his three-story political signs.

Last month, a code enforcement hearing said the man, Marvin Peavy, must take down his massive “Trump Won” banner because it violates the county’s land development code. Peavy responded by doubling down with an equally large “Let’s Go Brandon” flag.

Both banners now hang from Peavy’s balcony that sits on the exclusive 30A road. They are noticeable, no doubt:

(Photo via The Blaze)

Despite the daily fines, Peavy told WMBB-TV that the people need to see his banners.

“I’m here on the beach, and I got a lot of traffic, and people needed to see what I believe in,” Peavy says “That’s free speech, and I wanted everyone to know that I’m a Republican and I’m supporting Donald Trump.”

On Sunday, local residents lined up outside Peavy’s residence in support

“I had attended the code enforcement meeting when this was brought up, and I was quite shocked when they said they were going to fine him $50 a day for a banner that’s on his private property,” supporter Tabitha Howard told WMBB.

Peavy said he has no intention of removing the banners even if he has to pay the fines. Peavy added that people across the country have pledged to help pay for the penalties. Notably, one woman, whom we presume is rather wealthy, offered to pay Peavy’s fines for the next two years. These are the battles to watch.

Assuming the code compliance magistrate finds Peavy in violation at the next hearing on Nov. 17, the county will demand Peavy pay for his actions.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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