Florida Gulf Coast University’s Coach Outkicked His Coverage In a Big Way

It’s NCAA Tourney eve and we’ve already uncovered a new Outkick the Coverage star — meet Amanda Marcum Enfield the wife of Florida Gulf Coast University’s coach Andy Enfield. Amanda Marcum is a legit supermodel who has graced the covers of Elle, Vogue, and Maxim while traveling all over the world.

Andy Enfield is not a supermodel.

In fact, the best adjective to describe him might be “Opie Taylor-esque.”

Using my criteria that got Vandy’s James Franklin in trouble — you would hypothesize that Enfield is one hell of a recruiter.

And you’d be correct in that. Having helped to revive the moribund Florida State University basketball program and now taking Florida Gulf Coast University to the NCAA tournament, Enfield is an immediate outkick the coverage hall of fame nominee.

Earlier this year FGCU upset Miami and played Duke close for a half. Friday they play Georgetown in Philadelphia.

This is Andy Enfield, the second year FGCU head coach.

This is his wife, super model Amanda Marcum Enfield.


Is there any question that the duo belongs in our outkick the coverage hall of fame?

I searched for a picture of the two of them together, but it doesn’t appear to exist. If you can find one and email it to me, I’d appreciate that. He’s definitely a first ballot outkick the coverage hall of famer and I don’t suspect there will be any arguments otherwise.

As if this massive outkick wasn’t enough, she’s also a decade younger than he is and they already have three children, meaning she’s unlikely to leave him.

The duo’s first date? A St. John’s NIT game.

So what attracted Amanda to her husband?

Amanda told the Naples newspaper the following: “And we had lots of things in common — especially sports — and we talked and talked about that. I thought he was really funny and very confident. And I’m a sucker for sports guys, obviously.”

To reiterate, I once asked my wife what my best physical asset was.

Her response?

“You’re smart and funny.”

Tip of the beaver pelt to Andy, if Amanda’s in the crowd during the Georgetown game, she’s about to become a superstar anew.

This may be a 99 yard punt.

@collinsdrew on Twitter sends us this video. Enfield is the Rams return man here.

The rest of us are the Saints coaches and players.

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.