CFB AM: A Florida kid loses it after awesome surprise from Tim Tebow

Here’s a really cool story involving Tim Tebow that’s already the best moment of Wednesday.

After hearing about Nathaniel, a young Gators fan who is currently under care at Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville, Fla., Tebow decided to drop in on the kid and make his day.

When Tebow walked into his room, Nathaniel couldn’t speak and was overcome by (presumably) tears of joy. It took him 80 seconds with Tebow kneeling beside his bed for him to say, “Thank you for visiting me.”

Tebow’s foundation posted video of the greeting on Facebook, and it’s a genuinely special moment. Take a look:

So AWESOME to watch Tim Tebow surprise our new friend Nathaniel at Wolfson Children’s Hospital! What an incredible young man!

Posted by Tim Tebow Foundation on Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I get it: It’s easy for many to be cynical about Tebow because of all the attention he gets, and as a sporting nation we spend an unfathomable amount of time debating whether he can play in the NFL. All of those conversations really do seem meaningless when we see videos like this.

Watch it again and see the sincere joy he can bring people by simply showing up to spend a little time. That’s truly a gift and something we should appreciate.


What has happened to Oregon? On The Audible this week, Bruce Feldman and Stewart Mandel discussed the Ducks and just how far and how quickly they seem to have fallen since the departure of Marcus Mariota and, less recently, Chip Kelly. The aura and edge Kelly created in Eugene felt entirely gone last Saturday when Oregon was getting dominated by Utah. Here’s more on that from Bruce and Stew:

Speaking of Oregon … Samuel L. Jackson took a shot at the Ducks on Twitter about their ranking, and the Oregon mascot fired back with a funny video.

Who should be ranked No. 1? Ohio State still has a hold on the top spot in the latest AP top 25, but based on actual on-field performance, you can make a case that nobody has been more impressive than Utah. The Audible argues why the Utes have every reason to be the No. 1 team in the country right now.

Nick Saban calls out fans. “I just think that in every sport, there’s about 20 percent bad fans,” the Alabama head coach said in an interview with the Golf Channel’s David Feherty. “They don’t get it. They’re disrespectful. They do things and say things that don’t really need to be said; that aren’t helpful; that don’t reflect the image of what college football is all about, or even what sports is all about. You should appreciate the competition.” I mean, he’s right, although 20 percent feels pretty high. Most fans do seem to “get it” — it’s the loud lunatic fringe that kills trees and gives everyone else a bad name.

Dabo Swinney has opinions. The Clemson coach, ahead of this weekend’s game against Notre Dame, said he has an issue with the Irish’s schedule. He also attacked early polls, which week after week prove to be partially ridiculous.


I think we’ve found rock bottom for Arkansas. This young fan doesn’t want to go to any more games because “the Razorbacks always lose.”

Have a great Wednesday, everyone.

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Written by Clay Travis

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