Florida Gator Truck Features Worst Tailgate Art Ever

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The Florida Gators are in the Sweet 16.

As the last member of the SEC to still be playing basketball — Alabama’s quarterfinal NIT run will eventually be reclassified as a 98th football national title — I thought it was only fair that we pay the Gators their just respects. After all, the Gators embrace both football and basketball fandom at a high level.

How do we know this?

Thanks to this Florida Gator truck, which features the fine artwork of a tailgate Michelangelo.

How do I love this tailgate — which comes to us via reader Jim H. — let me count the ways in another rendition of OKTC’s world famous awkward fan photos.

1. The Gators are emerging from a swamp clutching their national title trophies while wearing football and basketball uniforms.

If you think to yourself, why are the alligators standing on two feet while wearing their jerseys, you’ve already lost this battle. The real question to ask is this — why is the Florida Gator basketball playing gator wearing such a snug uniform? And why are they both right handed? Are there no left handed alligators wearing jerseys? And why is the Gator football player holding his crystal ball like someone else is trying to steal it?

2. I’m far from an expert on alligator hands, but these Gator “hands” appear to be drawn and painted by my five year old.

Zoom in on their grip on the crystal balls. It’s outstanding and vivid detail work.

I think they flew in this Spanish art restoration expert.

3. This tailgate art is done, “In loving memory of BJ.” who died in 2007.

After looking at this art, I am quite certain that whoever did this tailgate rendition actually hated BJ and is glad he is dead.

4. For some reason the Gator basketball player is looking over his left shoulder.

Was the Gator surprised that the artwork happened? Caught unawares? Is there a reason why he needs to be awkwardly gazing over his left shoulder?

This looks like an SI swimsuit shot.

If, you know, an SI swimsuit shot featured an alligator that could stand on two legs and wear a basketball jersey.

5. Someone worked on this for hours and thought, “This is going to be so badass!”

How many fights in the WalMart parking lot has this truck art caused?

Over/under has to be 14.

6. The truck has a Florida Gator vanity license plate and a large Gator in the back window.

This is important because, clearly, without the Florida Gator vanity plate and the large Gator logo on the back window we would have no idea which team this truck was rooting for.

7. How many times has this guy pulled up for an actual tailgate and refused to let his tailgate down because he doesn’t want to block the artwork?

He’s probably gotten in a fist fight over this, right?

8. The football playing Gator is not wearing a Tebow jersey.

This is a massive upset.

I mean, I can’t even tell you how shocked I am that he’s not wearing Tebow’s number.

9. This truck provides evidence, which is often forgotten, that Florida Gator fans are every bit as redneck as other SEC fans.

If you’ve ever been to north Florida this truck doesn’t surprise you at all. If you haven’t been to north Florida, you’re basically wasting your life because where else can you still get airbrushed t-shirts for $9 each? 

10. Who ya got Bama kids on tailgate art or Florida Gators in the swamp on tailgate art?

Yes, that’s really a ghostly football goal post and the ghost of Bear Bryant’s head on the right side of the tailgate art.

So which is better Bama fan tailgate or Gator fan tailgate?

I’m torn because the Bama fan art is much better, but a Bama fan chose to put his three sons on the back of his truck.

Did I miss anything in the Florida Gator tailgate painting?

Hop in the comments below.

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