Florida Dems Are Looking To Ban Dogs From Sticking Their Heads Out Of Car Windows, And Nix Rabbit Sales Throughout March And April

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Florida Democrats are attempting to take away one of the greatest joys in a dog’s life: sticking their head out the window of a moving car.

Last week, Broward County Democratic Sen. Lauren Book introduced SB932. Sure, there’s some decent stuff in there intended to fight for animals’ well-being, but then there’s some stuff that’s straight-up looney.

Per the bill, drivers would not be permitted to let “a dog to extend its head or any other body part outside a motor vehicle window while the person is operating the motor vehicle on a public roadway.”

I mean… if there was an epidemic of dogs’ heads being taken off while they stick their heads out the window, then I could see this. But as far as I’m aware, that is not happening.

Democratic lawmakers — who must not have anything better to do than this — want to make dog owners transport their dogs in crates or pet seat belts. If you don’t have those, anyone other than the driver can hold the dog.

Running afoul of this would land someone a second-degree misdemeanor.

Pre-Easter rabbit-buying could be a thing of the past if Florida’s SB932 gets passed into law.

Say Goodbye To March and April Rabbit Sales (Which Were Also A Problem, Apparently)

The ban on dogs enjoying the wind in their jowls is just one of the things in SB932. The bill also bans testing cosmetics on animals, declawing cats, and selling rabbits before Easter.

Seriously. The bill would prohibit selling rabbits in March and April. Apparently, this was a big enough problem that the state government needed to step in and do something about it.

“During the months of March and April, retail stores shall keep rabbits in a separate area, off the sales floor and out of view of the public, and label each cage, kennel, or enclosure with signage indicating that the rabbits are not for sale until May 1,” the bill reads.

I get that they don’t want people buying rabbits for Easter and then getting rid of them after the holiday. So, if the bill gets passed would-be rabbit buyers would just need to make sure they buy their Easter rabbits by February 28.

February 29 on leap years. An extra day of pre-Easter rabbit buying time.

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