Florida Coach Dan Mullen Defends QB Emory Jones

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As former Florida quarterback Kyle Trask begins his 2021 NFL Draft journey, Florida Gators head coach Dan Mullen is starting a journey of his own.

Who will Mullen look to to lead the Gators this season?

Redshirt junior quarterback Emory Jones comes to mind. The 6-foot-2 quarterback is most often known for making an impact on the ground during his career with the Gators.

Last season, he logged 217 yards on his feet in 32 attempts for two touchdowns.

But what do we know about Jones as a passer? Despite some uncertainty and skepticism, Mullen said Jones has a “cannon for an arm.”

In 2020, the redshirt junior competed in nine games, recording 18 completions on 32 attempts for 221 yards, including two touchdowns and an interception.

“I feel confident,” Mullen said of Jones, via Saturday Down South. “I mean, he’s got a cannon for an arm, so I don’t know who would say [that he isn’t talented enough]. Maybe there’s somebody out at practice, watching practice, that has more expertise than me that’s letting you know those things. But I’m pretty confident in what he can do.”

As long as Jones can make throws Mullen likes to see, the Gators’ offense isn’t expected to change too much this offseason.

Written by Megan Turner

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  1. Jones, too, has proven numerous times that he can accurately throw the deep slant/post over the middle and the long ball down the sideline. Because of his running ability, he’s going to have bigger windows than Trask ever had. The key will be his decision making, not necessarily his arm strength or really even his precision. If he can make the right reads from play to play, he will put up huge numbers. Mullen’s offense, coupled with Jones’ ability to run equals at least one wide open guy on just about every passing play. It will just be up to Jones to find him, take off or throw the ball away if nothing is there. Easier said than done, but I think this kid is ready for it. I’m sure SEC defenses won’t take him lightly.

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