Florida Carjacker Gets Into a Foot Race With A Police Dog, Screams In Pain When ‘Jax’ Bites His Butt

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A Florida man carjacker suspect is going viral after police body cam footage and audio shows the man being lit up by a K-9 who is a good boy and knows he’s not supposed to let go of his prey until the handcuffs have been locked down.

During a July 31 foot chase, Marion County Sheriff’s Officer Calvin Butts deployed his dog, Jax, after 29-year-old Matthew Gebert decided to test the dog’s 40-yard dash speed. It was yet another dumb move by Gebert, who made it over one fence before Jax was on his ass.

As you can see on the deputy’s body cam, Jax went right to the ass and left tough guy Gebert crying for help. Let’s go to the footage.

Suspected Carjacker Screams After Being Bit by Police K9 in FL

“The sooner you show me your hands the sooner I take the dog off,” Batts told Gebert, who faces a litany of charges including grand theft, fleeing, possession of cocaine and a probation violation.

According to Internet experts, German Shepards and Belgian Malinois can hit top speeds of 30 mph. To put this in context, Usain Bolt’s top speed has been estimated to be 27.44 mph.

One look into carjacker Gebert’s eyes in his jail mugshot tells you he’s at a clear disadvantage against a police dog. But, these are dumb criminals we’re talking about and for some reason they keep running for dogs who are jonesing to tear into a criminal’s ass.

Florida man carjacker screams K9

Hey criminals, you think those Florida police dogs want to be stuck in the back of an SUV suckin’ down A/C all day or out chasing your ass over fences using their muscles and acting like badasses?

Keep testing them. It makes for great content.

TMX contributed to this story.

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