Florida Bride & Her Caterer Arrested For Lacing Wedding Reception Food With Weed

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There are wedding receptions and then there’s a Florida wedding party where the lasagna might’ve been laced with weed. Just when you thought you’d heard it all with weed ruining a party — never forget the South Dakota choir teacher’s mother took his weed brownies to a senior center card party — along comes newly married Danya Glenny and her wedding reception caterer Jocelyn Bryant.

Florida police say bride Glenny, 42, and the caterer, Bryant, tampered with the reception food and laced select items with some weed. Both have been arrested and face charges of tampering, culpable negligence and pot delivery.

Florida bride arrested weed wedding food
Bride Danya Glenny (left) is accused of having her wedding reception food laced with weed; Caterer Jocelyn Bryant was also arrested for the conspiracy / via Seminole County Sheriff’s Office

The fuzz claims reports rolled in February 19 when several people in a wedding reception crowd of 30-40 started complaining of stomach pain and vomiting. One man in his 40s told paramedics he was “feeling weird” and thought he “had drugs inside” him.

One woman told police she believed the food had been laced with weed and said she wanted to press charges. Others said they wanted the perpetrators prosecuted.

Investigators tested the chocolate-covered strawberries, wine glasses, the pudding shots, cookies, brownies and they even ran tests on the lasagna.

The oregano on the lasagna is amazing, Dayna!

“We’re all just enjoying and celebrating our friend’s success on the dance floor, having fun catching the bouquet,” a wedding guest told WFTV. “I just started feeling a little bit dizzy, just kind of like the room was spinning a little bit and things were distorted,” the guest added.

It’s going to be interesting to hear the rest of this story because Danya is something of a public figure in Orlando where, in 2015, she made the Orlando Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 list and was named to a “Women to Watch” list in 2016.

Well, now we’re officially watching and listening.

At least fire up a podcast to walk us through this wedding reception. Maybe she’s completely innocent here and the wedding caterer had a rogue cook who started lacing lasagna.

Say hello to one of the hottest court cases of 2022. Buckle up.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. Dosing people is a no-no and totally not cool, but you have to be a certified lame to “press charges” over pot edibles.

    For situations like this there are standard operating procedures. You make a batch of brownies or cookies and have it stored away from kids and unsuspecting patrons. Then, like a non psychopath you let the adults at the party choose to partake or not.

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