Florida Boater Arrested For BUI After Passing Out Behind The Wheel & Coming Dangerously Close To Swimmers

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A crazy video out of Florida shows a boater and his passenger passed out on their fishing boat as it makes its way near swimmers at a public beach. A police helicopter captured the footage as the boat sped between swimmers and a kayaker.

The video shows a man laying on the floor of the boat not moving and a slumped over driver of the boat behind the wheel. Luckily the boater avoided hitting any of the people in the water as he unconsciously manned the boat.

Drunk Florida Boater Passes Out Behind The Wheel Of His Boat
Boater passes out behind the wheel and gets arrested (Image Credit: Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office/YouTube)

Marine deputies from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office arrived on the scene, near Madeira Beach in St. Petersburg, shortly after the police helicopter located the boat. According to Sgt. Amanda Sinni, when officers made contact with the boat the driver was conscious.

However, he was also disoriented and showed multiple signs of impairment. The man told officers that they had come from the Alafia River, which is located on the other side of St. Petersburg from where they ended up.

When asked by officers if he knew where he was right then, all he could come up with was, “Right now I think we’re way out of the way.”

The driver of the boat was then asked how much he had to drink. He responded by claiming that they had no alcohol on the boat. When it was quickly pointed out to him that there was an empty can on the floor near him, the man responded by saying, “shit.”

This Florida Boater Did Just About Everything Wrong

The empty beer can, along with the fact that he showed multiple signs of intoxication, and had been sleeping at the wheel of the boat, earned him a field sobriety test.

Which he was given once back on shore and he promptly failed. The man was arrested and charged with one count of BUI.

Whether you’re an older man tooling around in your boat for a few hours with your buddy or the son of a prominent lawyer, drinking and boating is never a good idea.

This guy’s lucky he didn’t jerk the wheel and steer the boat towards the shore. That would have ended in a much longer stay behind bars.

Written by Sean Joseph

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