Billy Napier Makes Unbelievably Pathetic Comment About Not Wanting To Lose

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Florida football coach Billy Napier shared an all-time pathetic comment as the Gators appear to be speeding towards disaster.

Napier and the Gators are 0-1 after getting thoroughly handled by the Utah Utes to get the season started.

Any hope and optimism that fans have had entering the season is most likely gone. Napier now sits at 6-8 through 14 games in Gainesville. It’s a bad situation only looking to get much worse.

Billy Napier’s time with the Florida Gators has been brutal through 14 games. The Gators started the season by getting dominated by Utah. (Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images)

However, fans should have no fear because Billy Napier wants them to know he’s “committed” to not having being dominated become the norm.

“I’m committed to not getting used to it,” Napier said when addressing his awful record and the state of the program (via

Billy Napier reflects on horrible record at Florida.

Problem solved. Billy Napier is “not getting used to” being a really bad team that shows no signs of life. Does that make everyone feel better?

It definitely shouldn’t. There’s simply no way to spin this comment into a positive. The man has six wins in 14 games, and he’s out here talking about not getting used to getting crushed.

If you have to verbalize something like that, it’s a sign you probably don’t believe what you’re selling. You’re just trying to convince yourself otherwise.

Would Nick Saban ever feel the need to talk about how losing can’t be the norm? Of course not. It’s just known.

There’s no need to say something of this nature…..or, at least, there damn sure shouldn’t be.

Billy Napier reflects on horrible first 14 games at Florida. Will the Gators improve? (Willie J. Allen Jr./Orlando Sentinel/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

Florida appears to be in for a very tough year. Napier’s seat is going to be scorching hot if he doesn’t get this turned around sooner than later. Until then, just know he’s “committed” to the program not becoming a complete joke.

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  1. There’s no hope for this guy. I followed him semi closely while he was HC at ULL and sure he had 10, 11 and 12 win seasons but it was the Sun Belt, and every single game I watched i wondered how in the hell does this team win 10 games a year? His QB play was atrocious and his offenses overall were anemic. UF gets what they deserve for hiring this bum of a coach. They could’ve done very much better.

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