Florida Babysitter Ariane Davis Is Causing Chaos Amongst The Sunshine State’s Single Dads

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Florida babysitter Ariane Davis is a name to remember, especially if you’re a soon-to-be-divorced dad who’ll need childcare services and companionship when the kids hit the sack.

The University of South Florida student is causing absolute chaos on TikTok this week after revealing that she enjoys “taking care” of the single dads after her babysitting duties are done for the day.

“Reasons why I love to be a babysitter: Getting paid for playing with the kids,” the 19-year-old Davis explained on her viral TikTok before adding, “Once the kids fall asleep [I] can take care of the single dads.”

Annnnnnnndddddd….her phone is officially ringing off the hook. For some of these dads, having the kids for the weekend is no longer a big ordeal. Not when Ariane Davis is on speed dial.

Would you hire me?,” Davis asks dads cruising TikTok while twerking in a kids’ room.

You’re damn right Davis is being hired left and right.

“The single dad of the kid I’m babysitting tells me I look especially good today & [asks] if I want to stay for dinner.” she adds.

Now, guys, we need to have a chat here. Remember, you’re playing with a Florida woman here. This isn’t for the faint of heart. You have absolutely no idea how these type of stories can end. It’s Florida. I know this babysitter has superpowers over your brain, but this stuff typically ends up leading the local Tampa news and then turning into Good Morning America headlines two days later.

“He’s simply the best,” Davis says of the “one single dad who always gives you a big tip after babysitting.”

From the yourlittlecutiee collection / TikTok
From the yourlittlecutiee collection / TikTok

Again, some of you guys are playing with fire, but I 100% get that this is like free fentanyl to a San Francisco street junkie who shits down his legs. You can’t resist hiring Davis. Your marriage ended horribly. She took half of the retirement and the alimony plus child support, plus paying her country club membership is going to be insane for 14 years.

Now along comes Davis when you’re fragile.

“Yes I would,” Billy H. writes on TikTok when Davis asks “Would you hire me?”

“You are hired,” Johnny M. fires back.

As you can guess, the thirst was real in the comment section.

“I’m in the market to pay a couple bills every month😁,” Andrew T. announced to the world as he opened his wallet.

And then there’s Darren D. who is ready to hire a babysitter, but there’s a twist. “I need a babysitter!, good news! my daughter is old enough to watch herself,” Darren D. deadpans.

Are you a single dad who could use some childcare advice from a real pro, but you don’t live in Florida? There’s great news. Ariane also has an OnlyFans side hustle where she charges $6 a month for a subscription. She might be able to do a one-on-one Zoom sesh to walk you through what you should look for in a babysitter.

That $6 will be much cheaper than hiring Ariane to watch your kids and stay over for some Netflixing.

Make the smart call, fellas.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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