Five Teams Still Alive For 2014 BCS Title Game

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There are five teams still alive for the BCS title as we enter the final week of the season.  

What has to happen for those five teams to play for the title?

Let’s dive in to the BCS mess. 

You think people are mad now?

What if we got an all SEC BCS title game?

It could still happen. 

1. Florida State

The Seminoles biggest threat isn’t on the field — they’re nearly thirty point favories over Duke in the ACC title game — it’s that Jameis Winston could be charged with felony sexual assault. 

Winston’s worth nearly two touchdowns according to Las Vegas oddsmakers.

So what happens to FSU if Winston gets charged with a felony sexual assault before the final BCS standings? What a mess.

Road to the BCS title: Beat Duke and hope your quarterback isn’t charged with felony sexual assault.

2. Ohio State

The Buckeyes play Michigan State. 

This means after 24 games coaching the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer will finally play a top ten opponent. 

Road to the BCS title: Beat Michigan State and hold off Auburn. 

3. Auburn

The Tigers play their second straight top five opponent this weekend. 

Neither FSU nor OSU have played a single top five team all season. 

What’s more, Auburn, if it beats Mizzou, will have five top 25 BCS wins, two in the top ten. That’s more than Florida State and Ohio State combined. (Neither FSU nor Ohio State would have a single final BCS top ten win. Auburn would have two. The Buckeyes would have two top 25 BCS wins, while Florida State would have just one, over Clemson).

Interestingly, the computers are actually more of an issue for Auburn than the polls are. 

Can the computers swing enough with another top five win?

Who knows. 

But the polls certainly can.

Road to the BCS title: Blow out Missouri and pass Ohio State in the BCS standings. Or, alternatively, win and have either FSU or OSU lose. 

4. Missouri

Missouri has played one bad quarter all season, the fourth quarter against South Carolina. 

The Tigers were up 17-0 entering the final quarter and then everything fell apart. including, worst of all, allowing South Carolina to convert a 4th and 15 touchdown in overtime.

Les Miles might even say that Mizzou’s undefeated in regulation. 

Road to the BCS title: Blow out Auburn and pass Ohio State in the BCS standings. Or, alternatively, win and have either FSU or OSU lose. (If Mizzou wins the SEC title, the Tigers would jump Alabama.)

5. Alabama

My how the Tide can turn in a hurry.

From a guaranteed spot in the BCS title game — in which the Tide would have been favored over any opponent — to needing pure BCS chaos to ensue in order to play for the title. 

Road to the BCS title: Both Florida State and Ohio State lose. If both these teams lose then we’d end up with a Bama-Missouri or Bama-Auburn BCS title game. 

That’s it, folks.

Bama needs a miracle.

Which, judging by Nick Saban’s track record, will probably end up happening.

Can you imagine if there was an Iron Bowl rematch in Pasadena? 

Written by Clay Travis

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