Ranking the Best Fits for Matthew Stafford

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According to Boomer Esiason, Matthew Stafford “wants out” of Detroit. Esiason’s report follows weeks of speculation that the Lions may blow up its entire putrid roster and move on from Stafford.

With his stats and experience, Stafford has tremendous value on the market. Here’s a ranking of the best fits for him, should he decide to leave Detroit:

3. New England Patriots

It’s hard to figure out what the Patriots’ plans are. If Cam Newton returns, it’s a sign Bill Belichick has no plan. New England holds the 15th overall pick in the draft, thus would need to trade up to get a sure-bet QB.

New England is so poor at the skill positions that Stafford would be downgrading the talent around him. That said, Stafford has spent most of his career with D-level head coaches, how does an A+ sound?

Stafford doesn’t make the Patriots a Super Bowl contender next season, though he can get them on the right track. Belichick will handle the defensive issues and can prioritize finding quality receivers over the next two seasons. Stafford is only 32. In two or three seasons, this marriage could pay off in a big way.

2. Indianapolis Colts

Philip Rivers is gone, and the Colts need a real QB.

Indianapolis has the defense, offensive line, running game, and coach to compete with both the Chiefs and Bills — it’s a QB away from beating them both.

Stafford is the Colts’ best option. They pick too late in the draft to select a first season difference-maker, and the Colts are ready to win now. Stafford is a better QB option than both Sam Darnold and Carson Wentz, two others who could be on the move.

This is a great fit, but there is one even greater:

1. San Francisco 49ers

Easy. When healthy, the 49ers have a Super Bowl roster in place. San Francisco would reportedly move past Jimmy Garoppolo if a better option exists, and Stafford is a better option.

In Kyle Shannahan’s offense, Stafford could be a dark horse MVP candidate. Last season, the 49ers were a blown lead away from a Super Bowl ring, and that was with Garoppolo struggling to move the ball down the field. Insert Stafford and that problem is gone. The 49ers would then have a top-level offense, defense, and coaching staff.

Should the Lions part ways with Stafford, San Francisco should be the first team to make the call.

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