Fitness TikToker Says ‘Stares Are Welcome’ At The Gym

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There’s been a lot of unnecessary back-and-forth lately when it comes to gym etiquette. It appears that some people have their phones out while working out for the sole purpose of catching anyone who happens to look their way on camera.

Those clips then get turned into social media posts about creeps at the gym. Fitness TikTok influencer Southern Gym Bunny, or TikTok Gym Bunny Princess as she sometimes refers to herself, isn’t one of them.

Fitness TikToker Influencer Southern Gym Bunny
Fitness TikToker welcomes stares at the gym (Image Credit: Southern Gym Bunny/TikTok)

The “Gym Bunny” has her phone out during workouts, but it’s for content purposes, not gotcha clips trying to turn every glance her way into a creepy stare. In fact, she encourages “a little staring at the gym.”

She tackled the issue head on with a video she captioned, “Ain’t nothing wrong with a little staring at the gym.” The clip was a reply to a comment she received claiming she’s that just “another gym girl that complains about men staring.”

Gym Bunny’s response to the comment reads, “Nope, that’s the whole point to get sexy in the gym and show it off.”

She doubles-down on her point in another TikTok video. She points out in the caption that most of the looks are just admiration.

The text overlay reads, “Coming to the gym, hair done, make up done, wearing tiny outfits, sweating and showing off my hard work. Stares are welcome, just be nice.”

Fitness TikToker Saves The Day

There you have it. Benign interactions at the gym don’t have to be that hard. Take the glances and stares as they’re intended, as a compliment. People noticing that you’re there doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

On the flip side, if you’re someone who is asking what a creepy stare is. You’re likely the creepy stare guy. Dial it back a couple of notches and try to be a human.

In the meantime, the Southern Gym Bunny is doing her best influencing from the gym and accepting your appropriate compliments when they’re thrown her way.

Written by Sean Joseph

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