Fitness Influencer Racks Up Millions Of Views Working Out At The Gym With Very Little On

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Nobody will ever accuse Brazilian fitness model Sarah Caus of being overdressed when she works out at the gym. She’s gone in the completely opposite direction and done some serious work on social media as a result.

Sarah is approaching two million followers on TikTok. This along with her over 200,000 followers across two Instagram pages makes for a growing influencing empire. Most of the damage the 30-year-old does is on TikTok, where she regularly shares clips of herself working out with very little on.

Fitness Influencer Racks Up Millions Of Views Working Out At The Gym With Very Little On
Fitness influencer racks up millions of views with her workout videos (Image Credit: Sarah Caus/TikTok)

The workout videos are well received on the video sharing app, at least as far as the views are concerned. The videos have racked up millions upon millions of views. The comment sections on the videos are another story.

Almost every one of the workout videos has some sort of comment about gym dress codes, which is a fair point. You would assume that the gym wouldn’t want everyone pumping iron in their underwear. Here are a couple of videos of Sarah doing just that.

Some of the other comments left on the videos accuse her of only dressing that way for attention, like that is somehow in question. Of course she is. She’s then posting the videos for attention too.

Another common criticism is that she wants people to stop staring at her. That assumption is just that an assumption. Those people are the worst and she doesn’t appear to fall into that category.

Doing Things For Attention Is Part Of The Influencing Game

From the research I had to do – I know it’s a difficult job but someone has to do it – I found no evidence of her leaving that kind of comment in any way.

Sarah knows exactly what she’s doing. She’s putting out content people for and against it can’t help but watch. Those who like it will follow and return.

Either way, it’s all about views and she’s getting plenty of those.

Written by Sean Joseph

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