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Happy New Year!

We did it, we made it through another year. Now let’s get through the first day of that new year. Grab the Goody’s powder and water to start the recovery process or another drink if you’re off on Monday and keep the party rolling straight through Sunday.

All wasn’t lost on New Year’s Eve for those who were looking for some entertainment leading up to the ball drop. I was watching football, but for those stuck watching sober CNN coverage there were other options.

Like Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton teaming up for a performance of Jolene. You can’t go wrong there. I mean, name a more iconic pair. Also Miley was there as an added bonus!

The College Football Playoff sent 2022 out with a bang

It was a tough day for the Big Ten. As a Penn State fan it was really hard to watch. Then I remembered I hate both Michigan and Ohio State and all was suddenly right with the world again.

In the Fiesta Bowl TCU jumped all over Michigan early. It looked like we were headed for a blowout. So much so, that in the 3rd quarter I was already working out a Wolverines are who we thought they are take.

They tricked us all year up until that point into thinking they were ready for the really big games. Michigan then made it a three point game early in the 4th quarter and with the score 41-38 I started to second guess that take.

Then boom. Michigan proved they were in fact the team we all know and love. A team that isn’t ready for the big time. They lost to the Horned Frogs 51-45.

I won’t bash Michigan too much, they did have some help in the loss from an extremely poorly officiated game. For starters, this is a touchdown.

And then this, on the Wolverines’ final offensive play of the season, is targeting.

Now the touchdown being taken off the board was much more impactful than this blown call.

Let’s be honest Michigan was going to find a way to screw the last play up no matter what. But there’s a rule on the books and they should have been given another chance to fumble the season away.

Not all was lost for Michigan, a star was born

During the broadcast, J.J. McCarthy’s girlfriend became a favorite of the camera operators and a social media sensation as a result. The cameras picked her up a few times as Michigan mounted their comeback and the rest is history.

College kickers strike again!

As tough as that was for me to watch Michigan blow their shot at a National Championship, the Peach Bowl proved to be a much harder watch. Ohio State looked really good.

The Buckeyes were in the driver’s seat and it did appear as if they were about to coast to a win. Then Marvin Harrison Jr. got smoked at the end of the 3rd quarter and the momentum really started to turn after that.

Following Harrison’s departure from the game Stetson Fleming Bennett IV, who sounds like he belongs with the likes of James William Bottomtooth III and company, went to work. He led a comeback that ended with a game winning drive late in the 4th quarter to put the Bulldogs up 42-41.

Ohio State had a chance to win that game late with a 50-yard field. Unfortunately for Buckeyes fans, this college and the kickers at this level do this with game winning kicks from that distance.

Again, tough to watch and a tough day overall for the Big Ten. We now have a TCU versus Georgia National Championship to look forward to.

It’s not all bad news in Ohio to start the New Year!

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Buckle up we’re getting 2023 off to a hot start. Sit back, recover from a long night, and enjoy the ride until kickoff. There’s a full slate of NFL action to help get the new year off on the right foot.

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