First Lady Jill Biden Gets COVID Despite 4 Vaccination Doses, Mask Wearing

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In a stunning twist, Jill Biden has tested positive for COVID.

CEO of Pfizer Albert Bourla announced Monday he tested positive for COVID despite his past public assurances that his company’s vaccine was 100% effective in preventing COVID cases:

Bourla, of course, did not acknowledge that he had previously promised that the Pfizer vaccine would be 100% effective in ensuring those who were vaccinated did not get infected.

But beyond the people who have faced vaccine mandates, booster mandates, vaccine passports and other related forms of discrimination based partially on Bourla’s word, the First Lady of the United States might like to have a word with him as well.


Despite her four vaccination doses and incessant masking, news broke Tuesday that Jill Biden was the latest to contract the virus.

Jill Biden, wearing her mask to "prevent the spread" of COVID.
Jill Biden, wearing her mask to “prevent the spread” of COVID.

Doctor Biden, as she is sometimes referred to, has been a strict proponent of mask wearing, scarcely being seen outside without one of her useless facial decorations.


In fact, one of her first acts after entering the White House was to record a public message imploring everyone to wear a mask:

Yet somehow, she tested positive for COVID anyway.

This is one of the most consistent patterns of the pandemic; those who push masking the hardest, who were the first to rush to blame the “anti-maskers” for getting COVID, inevitably get the virus themselves.

Instead of some introspection leading to a change of heart or a change of policy, they double down and continue to promote what they’ve now proven is useless.

Especially when your husband is so great at mask hygiene:

It’s unclear whether Biden has issued the only universally acceptable statement after getting COVID with four vaccination doses; expressing how grateful you are to be vaccinated, that you’ll continue to take Pfizer’s prescribed treatment, and that you will keep working while following “health and safety” guidelines:

Literally every single time.

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