First Half Play for Steelers vs. Browns

Steelers vs. Browns, 8:15 ET

Well, that was quite an interesting Week 2 for these two teams. We will get into full details of that in a second and how they stack up for the Thursday Night Football game. This is a divisional matchup and will put one of these teams at 2-1 (well, I suppose a tie is possible) but no matter what happens, we know one of these fanbases will be very pissed and the other will just be content for another week.

The Steelers started the season with a surprising win against the increasingly disappointing Cincinnati Bengals. As I mentioned to a friend, the Bengals have to be building a lot of new casinos right now with how much the books must be making off of them. I’ve already been burned twice on them after collecting a lot off of them in the playoffs last year. The Steelers victory didn’t really have any offensive showcase. It wasn’t like they dominated the Bengals. Quite frankly, it was a very lucky win even with the Bengals trying to hand them the game. In their next game against the Patriots, the Steelers were still unable to put productive drives together and the talk is already to get Kenny Pickett under center. Running back Najee Harris hasn’t found much running room either. He doesn’t even have 75 rushing yards on the season – not just in a game, but for the two games total. So, clearly, the offense is struggling. They are also without Defensive Player of the Year T.J. Watt, so they are hurting there too.

The Brows actually look pretty good on offense with Jacoby Brissett slinging the ball. I will be the first to admit surprise on that one. I didn’t have much faith in him. Realistically they played better than the Panthers and deserved to win that game, but they could just as easily have lost it. They also could’ve won the game against the Jets, but I don’t blame Nick Chubb for that one. Chubb could’ve taken a knee instead of getting a touchdown, and they could’ve run out the clock. Instead, the Jets scored two touchdowns in like a minute after a series of events that could only happen to the Browns. The sting of that game has to be still in their mouth.

The Browns seem to have the edge in this game, even if the Steelers switch to Pickett before or during the game. Brissett is playing well enough to be a starting quarterback. Their running game is still very strong – Chubb and Kareem Hunt are the best combo backfield in the game and can be used in both rushing and receiving capacities. I think you could argue that the Steelers receiving team is better than the Browns, but it still is dependant on who is throwing the ball to them. I like the Browns defense and they have their leader Myles Garrett. However, like the Steelers, they will be without one of their bigger names, Jadeveon Clowney.

Steelers head coach, Mike Tomlin, always has the edge over the Browns. Last season they won both games against the Browns, but that was with a full, more complete team. I think the Browns are the right side in this one. The Steelers offense has shown me nothing that gives me any confidence, and in a short week, I can’t imagine that gets fixed. The money has poured on the Steelers, but the line is moving more towards the Browns which gives me more confidence. But, ultimately, I am laying off the side or total for the game. I think these teams will start slow and I’m taking the under 19 in the first half. I don’t see three touchdowns, or even four scores in the first half.

This is a good game for a double play on first score being a home field goal, or away field goal. I’m willing to play both at +310. We’d be sacrificing a bit, and could lose both, but the defenses are good enough to bend but not break.

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Written by David Troy

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