First Five Play for Astros, Yankees Game 3

Astros vs. Yankees, Game 3, 5:07 ET

The Astros come into this game with a really dominant 2-0 lead. The Yankees simply must win this game. It isn’t an elimination game, but so few teams come back from 3-0 down that at this point, you really need to get this one in order to feel the least bit decent about your chances to win the series. I’ve done well in this series, so let’s keep it rolling.

Cristian Javier takes the bump for the Astros. He had a nice season, one that saw him spend a little bit of time in the bullpen, but the majority as a starter. His campaign saw him produce a 2.54 ERA overall, with a slight increase on the side of road games. Where he really excelled was during day starts, which I guess this game would probably be considered. In day appearances, he has a stellar 1.38 ERA. It isn’t exactly a small sample size either as it is over the course of 52 innings. He did make two starts for the Astros against the Yankees as well. He covered 12 innings and allowed just one earned run, a solo homer. You have to like his odds today.

With the most important game of the season happening, you have to be happy that you have your ace on the hill. Gerrit Cole is taking the ball for the Yankees and needs to be the pitcher that they paid that boatload of cash to. I’d argue this was a bad year by his standards or capabilities, but most pitchers would take his line as much as possible. He is susceptible to the home run ball, which I think helps the Astors a bit, but even when he gets into jams, he is capable of striking anyone out. He had one start against the Astros on the year and it was a good one with him going seven innings and allowing just one earned run, a solo home run. He was solid in his two starts against the Guardians with the Yankees winning both games.

I don’t think Cole should be favored this much in this game which means I’m taking the Astros. I’m not taking them to win the game though as the first five is being offered at the same price +125 and I have a chance to push as well. It’s just a smarter play, but I do think the Astros probably win this game as well.

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Written by David Troy

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