Firefighter/Medic Julie Dudley Is A Fitness Machine, Vol On Vol Crime & Clay Looking Swole

If this Saturday morning is any indication of the content to come this football season, it’s going to be one for the record books

That’s right, Saturday morning Screencaps are back (pretty sure I pumped one out last week) and all I can say is that the juices are flowing. Not mine. I’m talking about the juices of college football fans around the country who are going absolutely bananas and we’re like 3-4 important games into the season. We have packed stadiums — I’m looking at you  Minnesota and Virginia Tech — and fans rushing the field in Kansas where the Jayhawks ended a brutal losing streak with a Friday night win over…South Dakota of the FCS.

It wasn’t pretty, but Kansas is yet again sucking from the victory fountain after a 17-14 win and a $450,000 check paid to South Dakota for their efforts.

In Evanston, Illinois, Michigan State got into the victory column. Did you see the Spartans looking competent again? Did you see MSU looking like a top-20 program again? Did you see that offense rack up 511 yards and five touchdowns? I saw like 45 minutes of it before passing out on the basement couch.

For me, the major story two nights into college football isn’t that North Carolina lost or that Michigan State should be better than a 7-win program. It’s not that Ohio State’s defense needs some seasoning. It’s that the passion is still there. The Name, Image, Likeness era hasn’t killed the desire for a sixth-year senior (via COVID) to go out there and lay it all on the line for his school while he’s off getting his second doctorate.

The bands are fired up. The fans are clearly fired up. The coaches are feeling the stress (looking at you Mack Brown). The broadcasters aren’t bombarding fans with COVID nonsense. And you guys are fired up. The TVs you’ve been collecting over the years have turned into massive man caves. You’ve spent the last year preparing for this moment.

This is the football we all love and it’s right here on a silver platter for all of us to slurp up. I don’t know about you boys, but I’m going in BIG today. Give me some of that Michigan nooner on ESPN, Alabama at 3:30, West Virginia-Maryland should be a content bonanza from the tailgating, Georgia-Clemson at 7:30, LSU-UCLA at 8:30 and Portland State-Hawaii at midnight!

It’s going to be a good one out there. Have fun.


• It’s a huge day for Tim in Texas, the founder of the Gauntlet fantasy football game that is taking the Screencaps world by storm. This is clearly Tim’s passion. I’m not an overly religious man, but I like to believe God gave us all a special talent, and Tim was clearly put on Earth to run the Gauntlet. Read this dispatch. The Gauntlet runs through Tim’s blood. It’s in his soul.

A cool, 92-degree breeze rushes in from the north. A waft of pumpkin spice and yoga pants fills the air. A quick glance reveals the wife’s Fall decoration bonanza is in full swing. Can this mean….?

I check the fridge. Beers are cold. I check the smoker. Brisket temp is at 198. I check the TV guide. Gameday is in Charlotte with a full lineup of games scheduled. It’s confirmed! Today is Gauntlet Draft Day. 
In a couple of hours, the guys will arrive and tell me how they’ve figured out the secret formula this year. They’ve been scouring beat writers from training camps around the league and have all the inside info. They’re going to break my balls about how much I hate Tom Brady and remind me about last year. We’re all going to gang up on the 1 Cowboys fan and make him vastly overpay for his beloved losers. (BTW worst Hard Knocks ever, right? Zeke is a no-personality phony who can’t speak coherently. Why is he featured every week?)
Sure, I have a plan. I have teams I’m targeting and teams I’m avoiding. But when the bids start flying, you have to adapt and find the darkhorse value. Soon, I’ll have an entirely new crop of 4 teams to be thoroughly disappointed by all season long. 
Glad to hear others have already begun their Gauntlet journeys. 
May all your days be filled with football, beer, barbecue, and a healthy hatred of all things Dallas.

• Beau in Toledo wanted you to see this digital billboard that’s running just outside the big Toledo mall:

Biden Resign digital billboard Toledo, Ohio

• Nathan E. slid into the Instagram DMs (@joekinseyexp) to show off his football-viewing setup. “I don’t have the fireplace setup but I do have two games at once with cows in the distance,” he writes.

• And with that I think we’re all set around here. You guys know the drill: see something, say something. Drop into the DMs. Email:

Tag me on football stuff. I’ll RT or post it here in Caps. Let’s have a great Saturday!

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I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.

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  1. Yes, I’m really excited that college football is back; last night’s NC – Virginia Tech game was my first of the year. What a game!
    For my first game, I’m going Penn State – Wisconsin; what a big game so early in the year!’

    Oh, and I think Julie Dudley could hurt me…. and I’d like it.

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