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Could our pure, pious and trustworthy government be hiding information about not only UFOs, but also non-human life forms inhabiting those UFOs?

Shoot, I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s time for Final Thoughts. 

In a week chalked full of bombshell headlines, you may have missed yesterday’s official congressional hearing into UFOs — or as the government calls it “unidentified aerial phenomena” — but allow me to get you up to speed. 

According to this man, Retired Major David Grusch — a former Air Force Intelligence Officer — the government is not only holding on to secrets about UFOs but has retaliated against those who dare spill the beans.


REP. NANCY MACE: If you believe we have crashed craft stated earlier. Do we have the bodies of the pilots who piloted this craft?

MR. GRUSCH: As I’ve stated publicly already in my News Nation interview, biologics came with some of these recoveries. Yeah.

REP. NANCY MACE: Were they, I guess, human or non-human biologics?

MR. GRUSCH: Non-human. And that was the assessment of people with direct knowledge on the program I talked to that are currently still on the program.

REP. NANCY MACE: Do you believe our government has made contact with intelligent extraterrestrials?

MR. GRUSCH: It’s something I can’t discuss in public setting.

MR. BURCHETT: As a U.S. government. Become aware of actual evidence of extraterrestrial other as unexplained forms of intelligence. And if so, when do you think this first occurred?

MR. GRUSCH: Certainly, like I’ve discussed publicly previously, in 1930.

The pentagon has denied all of those UFO claims, by the way … like that really means anything … but thought I’d mention it. 

According to Grusch, the US government has been well-aware of non-human life forms since at least the 1930s which means the government has done ALMOST as good of a job covering up for aliens as its done shielding and coddling Democrat politicians. 

I 100% believe in aliens and extraterrestrial life forms. I mean there’s just no way someone like Hillary Clinton came from earth parents. There’s just no way. 

But as much as this all sounds like a joke, I think we ought to take it seriously and here’s why. 

Under Joe Biden the Taliban has retaken Afghanistan. 

Putin has invaded Ukraine.

China is poised to pounce on Taiwan any day now. 

The Chinese spy balloon that was allowed to traverse our nation for a week plus the ongoing invasion at our own southern border just proves that we don’t take our national security or sovereignty seriously.

So, if there was ever a time for freakin aliens to inhabit and conquer Earth, now would be the time. 

You’ve heard the term, strike when the iron’s hot..well these aliens ought to strike when the POTUS is a vegetable. 

Now if the aliens are listening to us right now I’d like to make a couple requests. 

If you do come to overtake planet Earth, could you start in California?

I promise you, you’ll feel at home there and you can fricken have it!

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Written by Tomi Lahren

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