FIFA Banning Russia From Soccer’s World Cup

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Russia’s decision to launch an attack on Ukraine means that it will soon be kept out of its favorite sport. As relayed by the New York Times, FIFA is banning Russia and its teams from soccer’s 2022 World Cup tournament.

“The decision by world soccer’s governing body … came a day after the organization was heavily criticized for not going far enough in punishing Russia for its invasion of Ukraine,” the Times wrote.

This is the second such negative impact the invasion has had on Russian soccer. Last week, UEFA stripped Saint Petersburg of its status as host of the Champions League title game. UEFA has since also banned Russian teams.

FIFA’s decision also comes a day after it proposed a series of sanctions against Russia and spurred cries for stronger actions.

“The initial pressure to bar Russia came from Poland, Sweden and the Czech Republic, which faced the prospect of games against Russia in the World Cup playoff,” the Times wrote. “Other countries and officials, including the federations in France, England and the United States, quickly said they would not play against Russia under any circumstances.”

Written by Sam Amico

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  1. Here me out on this. Poland refused to play Russia in a few weeks for a World Cup qualifier. That’s was looked at as a selfless moment for them to give up the qualifying points, but if Poland then pressured the FIFA to drop Russia it doesn’t really seem like Poland risked anything. They took a stand for a day or two while their soccer federation pushed fifa to kick out Russia. So it really wasn’t some brave stand it was a stunt they knew that there was no risk. Pretty weak actually.

  2. I can’t wait to see all these same people, leagues, leaders, countries, etc. lining up to take virtue signaling sucker punches at innocent Russian civilians take the same at their biggest ally and supporter: China. I’m waiting. Oh but but but I guess that’s different.

    Something smells about this frantic media and rhetoric escalation going on about this conflict. The war is quite literally, in virtually every aspect imaginable, no one’s business but the two countries involved…and oh yeah, a bunch of political manipulators out there who’ve been playing house with Ukraine. I’d keep my BS detector on high alert right now with anything reported about this. There’s no questions being asked, just information thrown at us. Even Fox News is PUSHING a seemingly unquestionable narrative strangely hard. This reaction may all tie in with the “mass formation psychosis” Dr. Robert Malone explained on Rogan a while back. Something is up.

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