FedEx Driver Caught Farting On Doorbell Camera

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Doorbell cameras were invented so lazy people could see who’s at the door without having to get up off of the couch. That and to monitor the goings on at the front door when people aren’t not home or otherwise unavailable. The cameras are out in the wild and catch all kinds of things.

We’ve seen everything from a mom stealing Halloween candy for her kid to an influencer being spied on by her neighbor thanks to the technology. The latest viral video, created by a doorbell camera, features a touching moment between a FedEx driver and a cat.

FedEx Driver Fart
FedEx driver goes viral farting on doorbell camera (Image Credit: shutupmegxxx/TikTok)

That touching moment isn’t why the video currently has more than 3 million views. It was the reason that the touching moment was interrupted that brought all of the eyeballs to the video. The FedEx driver lets out an unfortunate, and unplanned, fart.

The cat owner shared the clip of what they originally thought was a sweet moment with their cat. The text on the video reads, “i thought this was a sweet moment with my cat and then… wait for it.”

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The FedEx driver seemed to be surprised by his own fart. It ended the moment he was having with the cat and caused him to stand up.

The driver apologized for letting out the loud fart. He can be heard telling the camera, and possibly the cat, “Excuse me, I’m so sorry.”

Just another day in the life of a FedEx driver. Drop off a package, spend time with a family pet, create a viral video by ripping a loud fart on a doorbell camera. That’s a full day by anyone’s measurement.

You know who would never be caught doing that? An Amazon delivery driver. There’s no time to loiter at the front door. Their every move is being monitored.

Written by Sean Joseph

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