FBI Says COVID-19 ‘Likely’ Originated In A Wuhan Lab, Former NBA Player Andrew Bogut Shares Classic Reaction

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The FBI has officially confirmed that the COVID-19 pandemic “likely” originated from a lab in Wuhan, China. The Bureau’s findings come just a few days after the United States Department of Energy came to the same conclusion.

OutKick was one of the very few websites in the world courageous enough to question the origins of COVID-19. Now, those questions seem to be getting answered, and those that were quick to toss around the ‘conspiracy theorist’ label on those that even mentioned the possibility of a lab leak look like fools.

Chalk up another win for those of us who possess common sense and have the ability to look at the facts and form our own opinion, even if the said opinion doesn’t align with legacy media’s.

The FBI announced on Tuesday that it had “for quite some time now assessed that the origins of the pandemic are most likely a potential lab incident in Wuhan.”

While the reaction to the FBI’s assessment has predictably been mixed with one crowd of folks refusing to believe it while another is patting itself on the back, former NBA player Andrew Bogut chimed in with his own reaction.

Bogut, who spent 13 years in the league, welcomed the FBI to the group of cookers.

Cooker is a slang term used in Australia for people who were led to believe that the COVD vaccines worked.

“Made false claims such as it would stop virus transmission and hospitalisation for those who caught the virus. Definitely could not die once vaccinated. All claims have been proven false, incredibly they claim this was never the case,” is how Urban Dictionary defines ‘cooker.’

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