Best Tweets From Dr. Fauci’s Horrendous, All-Time Bad Pitch

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Dr. Anthony Fauci threw out a pitch last night. One so bad it’s drawing comparisons to 50 Cent’s infamous showing. You can see the doc’s work here.

While Fauci had a few defenders, about 95% of the internet crushed him.

Take a look at some of the best:

Outkick’s Gary Sheffield had takes:

A serious reaction.

This next one hurts.

Even a KO punch.

This is my favorite:

Always good to take a shot at the untrustworthy media.

Which was the best?

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  1. Gary Sheffield Jr. is the best. But seriously, why can’t people throw a ball 60 feet in the air relatively straight? Five years old can do this. I don’t see how a person can screw this up so bad unless they are on opiates or something. Unless, they are doing it intentionally to get free press…

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