Fauci Admits His Mask Wearing Was Theatre, Hardly Any Risk Of Catching Virus

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Dr. Anthony Fauci says he doesn’t “want to give mixed signals,” despite the fact he’s been giving mixed signals since the mainstream media decided he would be the go-to guy on the COVID-19 pandemic.

The latest example came during an appearance on ABC, where Fauci admitted that his decision to wear a mask indoors after being vaccinated was based on … well, not science. Instead, it was all for show. Or as OutKick founder Clay Travis often says, it was based on “cosmetic theatre.”

Fauci actually came out and said all this, too.

“I didn’t want to look like I was giving mixed signals, but being a fully vaccinated person, the chances of my getting infected in an indoor setting is extremely low,” he told ABC.

Not long ago, Senator Rand Paul called Fauci out for masking for show, and Fauci responded, “I totally disagree with you.”

We wonder whether Fauci agrees with Paul now. It sure sounds like he does if you listen to his comments on ABC. In fact, he actually admits it.

So while he may not want to give mixed signals, that’s all he’s done and about all he continues to do. Maybe now the mainstream media can finally bring itself to tuning him out.


Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and NBA.com, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side, FortyEightMinutes.com.


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  1. The GMA interviewer thought that the Fauci would. clear up the so called confusion by saying that everyone should still be wearing masks in perpetuity. He instead exploded the set up question in the interviewer’s face. The behind the scene damage control went into overdrive after this.

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