Fashion Designer Calls For Justice After Sam Brinton Stole Her Clothes

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Last month, a Tanzanian fashion designer looked up the name “Sam Brinton” upon reading a story about his arrest.

Brinton is a former Biden administration nuclear official. He’s non-binary (at least most of the time). He’s also a luggage thief.

The designer, Asya Idarous Khamsin, learned these details during her research. But what caught her attention was a photograph. A photograph in which Brinton was wearing her custom-made outfits.

Khamsin had her outfits stolen at the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in 2018. She had not seen them since.

That was until she saw Brinton wearing them in a photo:

On par.

In December, police arrested Brinton with a charge of grand larceny in connection with the theft of a bag worth $3,670 at Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas. Police alleged the man had also previously stolen suitcases containing jewelry, clothing, and makeup.

Khamsin spoke about the revelation on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Monday.

“Oh, my God. I was shocked,” she said. “For more than 40 years, I work hard on my work. It’s very paining [sic].” 

“In January, somebody called me and introduced himself. And he told me he’s working on my issue. But still today, I [have] nothing. I was asking myself how this person got my custom-made designs because it’s one-of-a-kind and wear[sic] them without fear and display in public,” she added.

Khamsin stopped short of calling Brinton a thief, which he is. Still, she demands some form of “justice” after the pain and suffering she has experienced.

“What I need is justice now. And I believe there is justice.”

Carlson asked her husband Khamsin Alkhag how he felt about the robbery:

“It’s paining [sic],” he responded. “This is her passion. She had been doing this for 40 years, and all of a sudden, somebody [is] running around with [her] piece of art. It’s painful.” 

Sam Brinton, seems like quite the guy.

How is he not a character, a focal point, of “SNL”?

The question is rhetorical, of course. Brinton’s status as a non-binary individual and previous association with Biden disqualifies him from satire.

And that’s unfortunate. He’s a breathing parody of himself.

Nonetheless, we continue to advise those who lost their luggage that contained unusual clothing to search “Sam Brinton” under the “Images” section on Google.

You might just learn where your possession landed. 

Written by Bobby Burack

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