Fashion Brand Drops Influencer For Fat-Shaming Another Influencer On Social Media

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Sound the alarms we have a full blown influencer catfight on our hands. An influencer catfight that to date has resulted in one of the influencers being dropped by a fashion brand.

The two influencers involved, Kerri Gribble and Mikaela Testa, are both Australian. Between the two of them they have millions of followers across multiple social media platforms, and yes they both are making exclusive content on OnlyFans.

Brand Drops Influencer For Fat-Shaming Another Influencer
Influencer fight leads to brand dropping one of them (Image Credit: Kerri Gribble & Mikaela Testa/Instagram)

The drama down under started after Mikaela took to TikTok and shared a video with her more than two million followers. The clip reads, “a girl I met at an event called me fat on her snap story hours later, if she thinks this is what “fat” is I’m concerned.”

Mikeala didn’t name any names in the clip. That didn’t keep people with too much time on their hands from connecting the dots. A Snapchat video showing Kerri in bed was discovered.

In the video, Kerri supposedly says, “Public announcement to let youse [sic] all know, Mikaela Testa is fat in person. Social media is fake.”

There Are Better Ways To Handle Influencer On Influencer Crime

True or not, the speech police have determined that you’re not allowed to say that. So they went to work harassing the Australian fashion brand White Fox Boutique. The brand didn’t want any part of the drama, as a result they quickly cut ties with Kerri.

For two content people these two dropped the ball here. There could have been some pay-per-view action here. Watching two people who aren’t fat fight over who is fatter is an easy sell. Kerri and Mikaela left money on the table.

We could have had a boxing match, or something involving pudding and wrestling, the options here were endless. Anything other than empowering the fake outrage mob. Those people are the worst.

Ideally, the next influencer fight will come to a conclusion with content in mind.

Written by Sean Joseph

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