President Biden to Give Black Farmers Billions of Dollars, White Farmers Be Damned

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President Joe Biden just signed the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package — no he didn’t take questions for the 50th day — which includes billions of dollars in debt relief for black farmers.

No, not just “farmers.” Just those with the correct skin color, duh.

Of the $10.4 billion in the American Rescue Plan that will support agriculture, around half will go to “disadvantaged farmers” to provide debt relief as well as grants, training, education, and other forms of assistance to help them acquire more land.

Included in the $5 billion is a plan to pay 120% of black, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American farmers’ outstanding debts.

For those who find this situation messed up, it’s called “equity,” the left’s new favorite strategy. The word’s meaning has been used in various ways, so if you’re still confused, think of what “equality” means. “Equity” is the opposite of that.

Some struggling white farmers who will receive none of the $5 billion relief money are a bit bothered that their skin color has cost them so much money and put their farms in jeopardy.

Kelly Griggs, who runs her 1,800-acre farm with her husband in Humboldt, Tennessee, isn’t pumped that she must pay off a large mortgage debt to keep her land while other farmers have theirs paid off for them.

“Just because you’re a certain color you don’t have to pay back money? I don’t care if you’re purple, black, yellow, white, gray. If you borrow money, you have to pay it back,” she says.

Ahh, but in 2021, it does matter if you are white, black, yellow, or purple. In fact, in many colleges, political circles, and major corporations, it defines you.

“We can’t strike,” Griggs adds. “We can’t stop. That’s the part that really sucks. These people in Washington who make decisions for us and our livelihood have probably never stepped foot on a real farm.”

Of course not. People in Washington don’t step in most places they ruin. Ask all the small businesses they crushed this past year.

“I think it should be distributed to everyone,” another farmer, Benji Anderson, said. “Because one thing we all have in common, it doesn’t matter about color or race or whatever, we’re all farmers, all working together to feed the United States.”

Few people are common these days, Benji.

Race has increasingly become the first and only characteristic politicians, executives, journalists, and Twitter users see in others. It’s awful. It’s divisive. It’s sending our country backward, but it’s the path that we are on. Few can deny it. Many have even admitted it.

By the way, I’m happy for the farmers who are getting help. They deserve it. As for the white farmers getting none, best of luck.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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    • Exactly. Seems like an automatic class action. Would love to see what Biden’s “race neutral” and “non discriminatory” reasons are for specifically excluding one race.

      Democrats, fighting against the 14th Amendment since 1866.

  1. You ain’t gunna like where this is heading bro treating people differently because of skin color is illegal and will be shot down in court no problem just to. propose this shows they do not care about a unified America it just fake phony political speak what you get from a career bureaucrat Biden

  2. We’ve already had this settled with a USDA lawsuit during the Obama Administration. During the era impacted, there were approximately 22,000 Black farmers discriminated against. However, 175,000 people claimed to be “farmers” during that era, and the Obama Administration paid them all without validating.

  3. The sad fact is, I guarantee a good number of these shocked white farmers (who Trump provided a LOT of relief to during COVID) voted for Biden because they didn’t like Trump’s “personality” and the put themselves in this situation.

    I wouldn’t bet on the courts throwing this out or overturning it. When I was in college in the mid 80s I applied for a PELL grant and was told to my face I couldn’t get one because I was white, only minorities were getting them. A class action lawsuit was filed for discrimination and it was summarily dismissed, and that was in a far more conservative America.

    Look at all the unconstitutional acts congress and the administration has done already and gotten away with. The problem is, the Democrats steamroll and the Republicans roll over instead of fighting. There are too many Brylcream haired Washington insider Republicans who would rather get along than roll up their sleeves and fight like Trump did.

  4. I don’t know why we can’t just have one country where everyone is equal in the eyes of the law and another country where everyone determines every conversation, interaction, outcome through the lens of skin pigment. I mean they hate us so much can’t we just take our ball and go play in a different park?

    I think the problem with that solution is that all this divisive policy is really just a bargain that rich white people have struck with black voters to take power. It won’t be any fun to execute on that bargain if there’s no one left to subjugate. It’s like the Parler experiment – they wouldn’t let us leave Twitter.

  5. The number of things the Demoncrap party is passing that are blatantly unconstitutional (just look at “For The People Act”, “PRO act” and “Equity (or is it equality?) act”) or illegal (this farm act) is simply jaw-dropping.

  6. The Republicans in Congress outside of Hawley, Cotton, Cruz, Blackburn, and a couple others are spineless. They go along having their ass kicked by the Democrats so they don’t lose their position.
    You can’t raise one group of people up educationally and economically by putting down another group. But that’s the lefts playbook.

  7. its all about buying votes. most people who get grants and checks piss it away and are no better off than they were. If you don’t have necessary skills to manage money, that cash ends up back in the hands of people who do.

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