Fan Picks Up Nelly Korda’s Golf Ball, Proudly Holds It In The Air Like She Just Caught A Foul Ball

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Rule No. 1 for anyone attending a golf tournament is to not pick up a golf ball if you see one. One lady attending the final round of the Amundi Evian Championship, a major on the women’s circuit, did not get that memo.

During Sunday’s final round, Nelly Korda hit a wayward approach shot on the Par 4 sixth hole. A lady walking directly in the path of the ball saw it roll in front of her, walked right up to it with a giant smile on her face, and proudly picked up the ball.

The woman, who has clearly never stepped foot on a golf course, held the ball in the air as if she had just caught a foul ball. She was absolutely thrilled with the fact she found a golf ball, probably already thinking about how she was going to post about it to her Instagram stories for 17 people to see.

We can only assume that the man with the backpack is related to the woman somehow, maybe her husband or her father, because he came in absolutely fuming.

The man got caught walking too far ahead of the woman and next thing you know we’ve got Miss Pinkpants picking up golf balls in the middle of a major championship.

If Mr. Backpack and Pinkpants did indeed go to the tournament together, the car ride home is going to be a fun one, that’s for sure.

Korda wasn’t issued a penalty stroke for the woman picking up her ball as the rules of golf state if the “ball is moved by an outside influence, such as an animal or a spectator, there is no penalty to anyone and the ball must be replaced.”

Unfortunately, Korda ended up making a double bogey on the hole.

Personal storytime: I witnessed this sort of situation happen during a college tournament, but it was far worse.

My brother found the fairway bunker on his tee shot. Out of nowhere, on this course in the middle of a neighborhood, a woman decides to walk into the bunker, grab the golf ball, walk to the pond on the other side of the fairway and throw it in the water.

Don’t touch a golf ball that isn’t yours, ever.

Written by Mark Harris


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  1. It’s golf, who cares? Golf is an excuse to drink. Nothing more nothing less….and if you have nothing better to do than view a golf tournament as a spectator try repeatedly ramming your face into an oak tree, it’s probably more entertaining.

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