Fan Favorite Bartolo Colon Is Finally Retiring With The Mets At The Age Of 50

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Breaking news everyone, 50-year-old Bartolo Colon apparently never officially retired and is set to finally call it quits with the Mets later this summer.

I mean would you expect anything different from a team that is still paying out Bobby Bonilla? (Only 12 more years to go Mets fans!)

Yes the overweight and fun-loving Colon, who became a fan-favorite simply because he’s Bartolo Colon, will be hanging up his stirrups for good in a pregame ceremony on August 26th at CitiField, according to MLB Insider Hector Gomez.


Colon’s career is quite something.

The guy pitched for ELEVEN different teams throughout 21 different seasons. He literally pitched for a third of the entire league! If that wasn’t enough, he pitched until he was 45-years-old! Just going out there and letting it rip.

He’s a 4x All-Star, won the Cy Young Award in 2005 and led the American League in wins that year with 21.

But his time with the Mets was something special.


Mets fans fondly remember Colon for bringing them at least some joy – a World Series appearance in 2015. That was the last time the Mets faithful would feel good about their team. After that things got so bad they had Tim Tebow in their minor leagues.

Oh, and perhaps one of the greatest home-runs of all time when Colon hit a BOMB to left field in 2016 leading broadcaster Gary Cohen to scream “The impossible has happened!”

I texted a couple of my Mets friends this morning who like me, were completely unaware that Bartolo was still in baseball. We honestly thought the guy was living somewhere down south and pounding pina coladas on a beach somewhere doing Bartolo-like things.

Apparently he never handed in his retirement papers.

It’s only fitting (and pretty hilarious) that he would do so with the Mets. I’d love to know how it came about. Did one of billionaire owner Steve Cohen’s handlers come up to him and was like “You know Steve… we’ve found out that Bartolo Colon isn’t officially out of baseball yet…” Or was it someone from Colon’s team that reached out? I can only imagine how that phone call went.

In the end it’s perfect because the Mets are always gonna Mets.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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