WWE Hall of Famer Jim ‘Hacksaw’ Duggan Wrestled Down Home Invader, Held Him At Gunpoint Until Cops Arrived

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Jim ‘Hacksaw’ Duggan doesn’t need a home security system — he is the home security system.

The 68-year-old WWE Hall of Famer — known for carrying around a menacing beam of wood, straight out of Walking Tall — shared the story of an intruder that broke into his home in Kershaw County, South Carolina before coming face-to-barrel with Duggan’s .44 caliber pistol.

The story of how he detained the intruder was stone-cold.


Duggan detailed that on Dec. 8, the intruder — believed to be in his mid-20s — entered the home and got in a wrestling match with Hacksaw. He was promptly overtaken by Duggan and held at gunpoint as the wrestler and wife, Debra, called authorities. The man was “visibly frightened after he was subdued by Duggan, who’s still got the moves years after retiring.

According to Duggan, the trespasser claimed he was on the run from people within the neighborhood on the hunt looking out to kill him.

Duggan shouted out the quick response from the cops in a tweet.

“We would like to thank the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Department for their prompt and professional response last week,” Duggan posted, sharing his report of the encounter.

“A man who we had never seen before climbed our fence, ran through our yard to our front door, and was pounding on our glass doors.

“Before we could get to the door, he opened it and fell into our house. I held him at gunpoint while Debra called 911. We are safe with no damage. Thanks to everyone for the concern and well wishes!”

Duggan’s update was flooded with respect from his fans, and anyone that appreciates a remarkable act of justice carried out by a true badass.

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