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Sometimes trends work out. Other times they don’t. It is just kind of how trends go, ya know? Well, here is one trend, situation, whatever you want to call it, that I’m backing. A game started by Patrick Corbin is a fade in nine-of-ten times.

Patrick Corbin has a robust 6.57 ERA, the fact that this guy received a contract of massive proportions (6 years for 140,000,000) is just absurd. He might as well be stealing. A friend of mine that is well connected to baseball said a former National that also sucked after a massive deal basically said that the player admitted was no incentive for him to improve and that was why he never really tried after his deal. Anyway, Corbin has somehow been worse overall on the road than he in any other situation. He’s 1-8, and while records aren’t always indicators of performance, he clearly is struggling. July wasn’t kind to him either, he has a 7.99 ERA.

There isn’t much else to say in this game. I don’t really like Ranger Suarez as a starter, but he’s been very strong lately. His last three starts he’s totaled 11 innings and no earned runs. He faced the Nationals in a 5-3 victory for the Phillies last month. In that game, Josh Bell hit a two-run homer. Bell is now on the Padres, and so is Soto (though, Soto was 0-4 in the game). Sign me up for the Phillies run line.

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Written by David Troy

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