Cockpit Audio Released From F-16/UFO Shoot Down

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Cockpit audio is out from the F-16s that chased down and destroyed a UFO over Lake Huron.

F-16s were dispatched Sunday from Madison, Wisconsin to chase down a UFO over Lake Huron. After the first sidewinder failed to take it down, a second was fired and the unknown flying object was destroyed.

Now, the cockpit audio has been released, and it’s pretty interesting. Most notably, the pilots were visibly confused by whatever they were looking at.

“Definitely looks like something, um, there’s some kind of object that’s suspended in the air. It’s hard to tell. It’s pretty small. I can’t see it up there with my eyes,” the pilot could be heard saying on the cockpit audio.

The pilot doubled down seconds later that he could barely see the object due to the “glare in the cockpit” and the object being so small – possibly the size of a “four-wheeler.”

Another pilot involved in the shoot down said he couldn’t determine if it was a “metallic” object or made out of something else.

The UFO mystery only grows more interesting.

Like I said above, the most fascinating part of this audio, right around the 17-minute mark, is how confused and curious the pilots seemed to be.

They clearly had no idea what they were looking at. We’re talking about some of the best trained pilots in the world.

Nobody has better pilots than the United States of America. Our military spends an incredible amount of money on training and tech for our fighter jet pilots. Despite all that, they still weren’t sure what they were looking at.

Cockpit audio released from UFO shoot down over Lake Huron. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Unfortunately, the audio is very broken up and fuzzy which makes it difficult to clearly understand what was going on.

The government is also claiming there’s no proof right now China is responsible, and none of the latest wreckages have been recovered. Well, allow me to clarify. The government hasn’t claimed to have recovered any of the wreckages. That’s an important distinction to make.

Also, Instagram user @badger_wings shared photos of the F-16s returning, and one of the planes was clearly missing its sidewinder missiles. Pretty neat to see.

What is up in the sky? We still don’t know, but clearly something is going on. Even if the Biden administration doesn’t seem to want to take it seriously, people are noticing and curiosity is raging.

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