Eyewitness Provides Details On Fatal Fall At Petco Park That Claimed The Life Of Woman & Son

A 72-year-old woman has stepped forward to provide details on the deadly fall at Petco Park that claimed the life of a 40-year-old San Diego woman and her two-year-old son. San Diego police have described the deaths after the mother and son fell from a third-floor concourse on Saturday as “suspicious.”

The unnamed visitor who witnessed the fall said a man was standing by the railing while the mother held the baby.

According to the eyewitness, the woman “held her baby and suddenly began jumping on the bench of the table closest to the railing,” KGTV-San Diego reports.

“She lost her balance and fell off the bench. I remarked to my son, ‘Oh my gosh she almost fell,'” the eyewitness told NBC 7, adding the mother appeared to be happy and was laughing.

“About 30 seconds or a minute later, she jumped back up and did it again, facing the man as she jumped with the baby,” the witness recalled. “I remember saying, ‘I can’t believe she’s doing that again,’ and then she was gone… From my vantage point, looking at her back, it was almost like she rolled over the railing. I told my son, ‘Oh my gosh she went over!'”

Padres employee Shannon Denbow provided a photo to NBC 7 showing picnic tables close to a railing at Petco Park. This is the area where the mother and son fell.

Mother son fell death Petco Park table
Shannon Denbow / NBC 7 San Diego

Why was the mother standing on the seating area of a picnic table and jumping on the seating bench, as the eyewitness reported? Police aren’t saying what their investigation is revealing. “We are speaking to the father of the child, they are not married but we are speaking to him,” San Diego Police Department Lt. Andra Brown told the station.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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