Ex-Players Accuse Former Gators Coach Of Abuse

Five former Florida women’s basketball players have alleged abuse by their former head coach Cameron Newbauer, who has since resigned.

The players claim that Newbauer was verbally abusive during practices and that the abuse escalated to throwing balls at players and disregarding injuries at certain points.

“For him, I felt very, ‘You’re only useful to me on the court,’ ” former player Sydney Morang said. “‘I don’t really care about anything about you or how I treat you other than that.’”

Florida athletic director Scott Stricklin said that Newbauer’s program did not reflect the values of the university.

“At times during coach Newbauer’s tenure there were concerns brought to our attention,” Stricklin said. “Each time, additional information was sought, and these concerns were addressed directly with [Newbauer] as we required corrective actions and outlined clear expectations of behavior moving forward. Additionally, the (university) provided enhanced administrative oversight and presence within the program and sought anonymous feedback directly from student-athletes and staff.

“Ultimately, we did not see the required improvements, and following discussions with coach Newbauer, he made the decision to resign.”

Cydnee Kinslow, another former player, said the emotional abuse was obvious.

“He would make them cry,” Kinslow said. “Push until they cried, whatever it was, like, he tried. There’s a breaking point for people and pushing them through a wall to make them stronger. And then there’s what Cameron Newbauer did.”

Kinslow also said Newbauer told her and another player to cover up their tattoos because he didn’t want to expose his daughter to them. She also said that another former player attempted suicide before quitting the team and returning home.

Newbauer was 46-71 as coach of the women Gators, finishing without a single winning season. Kelly Rae Finley was named the team’s interim coach and will serve that role for the upcoming season before a permanent replacement is hired.

Written by TK Sanders


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