Ex-NHLer Admits To Putting His Crocs In The Dishwasher; Many Appalled, Others Think It’s Kind Of A Great Idea

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Is there anything more divisive than a humble pair of Crocs?

Turns out there is, and it’s how you clean them.

Former NHLer turned broadcaster Jeff O’Neill hopped on The Ray & Dregs Hockey Podcast hosted by former player and current ESPN analyst Ray Ferraro and broadcaster Darren Dreger.

While the idea was obviously to talk hockey, O’Neil mentioned that he had thrown his Crocs in the dishwasher after an afternoon of good old-fashioned Canadian gardening.

“I put my Crocs in the dishwasher to clean them,” O’Neil said. “That’s how downhill my life is. Like, I used to be pretty cool, man. Now I garden and put my Crocs in the dishwasher.”

This got big laughs from Ferraro and Dreger.

I’m inclined to agree with him here. Full disclosure, I’m a Croc guy. Mainly because wearing them is like sticking your feet in a pair of big, rubbery pillows. Plus, I live in Florida, where in the summer it rains almost every day. That’s the kind of weather Crocs were meant for and they’re awesome to keep by the door for when I have to take the dog out at a moment’s notice.

I’m not sure why I’m explaining this to you; they’re quality shoes even if they can be accurately described as “fugly.”

Given their waterproof rubber construction, throwing Crocs in the dishwasher is kind of brilliant. But yeah, maybe don’t throw the shoes you wear to pick up dog poo in with the plates and glasses.

The Crocs In the Dishwasher Debate Divided Twitter

While I think it’s a pretty good idea, Twitter users were split on O’Neill’s dishwasher method of keeping those Crocs of his nice and pearly white.

This debate could rage on, but in the meantime, I think my Crocs are almost done with their dry cycle.

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