Ex-Nebraska Coach Bo Pelini ‘Scared The Sh*t’ Out Of Actor Adam Devine

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Actor Adam Devine spent most of his childhood living in Omaha, Nebraska. Part of Devine’s adult life has been spent living in fear of former Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini.

Like the majority of the state’s residents, Devine’s a big Cornhuskers fan. That fandom led him to meet then-Huskers coach, Pelini.

And Devine’s meeting of the minds with coach Bo is one he won’t soon forget.

In fact, Adam Devine says that Pelini “scared that shit out me.”

Join the club, Adam.

Adam Devine was shook after meeting Bo Pelini. (Photos c/o Getty Images).

During a guest appearance on the Pardon My Take podcast, Devine detailed the respect – and fear – he has for Pelini, who coached Nebraska from 2008 through 2014.

“I f—ing loved Bo Pelini,” Devine admitted before going into the fear-filled experience that accompanied the meet and greet.

Devine, 39, didn’t say when exactly he met Pelini. But, it can be gathered from his comments that their introduction took place while Pelini was still coaching the Huskers. And from the sound of it, Pelini was just as intense off the field as on it.

Bo Pelini Had Husker Fan Adam Devine Shook

“Pelini scared the shit out of me,” admitted Devine. “I’ve met presidents that I’m less intimidated by then Bo Pelini.”

That shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s even remotely familiar with Pelini. His players loved him at every stop throughout his coaching career. And the fanbases associated with his coaching stops more often than not shared those same feelings.

Opponents, referees and even administrations…not so much.

Bo Pelini has been a popular coach at nearly every stop along his coaching journey. (Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images).

What made Pelini so endearing and/or intimidating to Adam Devine – who’s acting credits include starring roles in Pitch Perfect and Workaholics – was the fact that he didn’t even pretend to be interested in meeting the actor.

“You could tell that he didn’t give a f— about meeting me,” Devine told PMT through a laugh. “Even a little bit.

“…Most people will pretend (they’re interested).”

Devine Is A Full-Fledged Pelini Supporter

Though Pelini seemingly isn’t a fan of Devine’s work – if he’s even aware of it – the actor is very much a supporter of Pelini’s. While manning the sideline for Nebraska, Pelini compiled a 67-27 record that included three 10-win seasons. Nebraska’s won six or more games just once since Bo was shown the door in November of 2014.

As Devine sees it, he’d much prefer Pelini was still in Lincoln to scare the shit out of Huskers opponents.

“He’s fantastic. He didn’t play by the Nebraska playbook of we just have to be so damn nice all the time and you can’t get angry and you can’t show emotion,” Devine said of Pelini’s coaching style. “… We were winning 8, 9 games a season (with Pelini). That’s better than the 4 or 5 games we win now.”

If Devine thought meeting Pelini was scary, imagine the nightmares fellow Huskers fans still having surrounding his exit.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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