Ex-NBA Player Shawn Kemp Pleads Not Guilty To Mall Parking Lot Shooting

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Seattle SuperSonics legend Shawn Kemp pleaded not guilty in Pierce County Superior Court, stemming from his arrest in a shooting incident within the parking area near the Tacoma Mall.

Kemp was hit with a first-degree assault charge after firing his gun at a vehicle on March 8. Kemp claimed that the individuals in the targeted vehicle stole his cell phone the day before. He appeared on the scene after tracking down his stolen phone and shot at the Toyota 4Runner three times.

Shawn Kemp, during his stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers. (Photo by Jamie Marcial/NBAE via Getty Images)

Shawn Kemp Says He’s Not Guilty Over Shooting Incident He Started

The 53-year-old claimed that he shot the firearm in self-defense, contrary to security footage from the mall showing Kemp blasting the first shot.


None of Kemp’s shots connected as the 4Runner drove off the lot. Authorities arrived at the scene shortly after. Kemp discarded his firearm into a nearby bush, which cops later recovered.


Per Kemp’s testimony, released by his legal team Thursday, the former player had several possessions stolen earlier in the week and tracked down the alleged thieves (using the tracker on his stolen iPhone) to a parking lot near Tacoma Mall.

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As reported by the AP, Kemp sent messages before he arrived on the scene that showed Kemp was ready to start firing upon arrival, contrary to his self-defense claims.

Kemp has seen a fair share of run-ins with the law since his retirement. On April 4, 2005, Kemp was arrested in Shoreline, Washington, for carrying roughly 60 grams of weed, a small bit of cocaine and a gun. In 2006, Kemp was arrested in Houston for misdemeanor marijuana possession.

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