Ex-Navy Lieutenant Says Flight Crews Spotted UFOs Off Atlantic Coast Every Day Starting In 2015

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A number of strange unidentified flying objects were spotted by the Navy in restricted airspace southeast of Virginia Beach nearly every day for two years beginning in 2015, former Navy Lieutenant Ryan Graves told CBS.

Graves is actually one of several military members to speak publicly about these UFO sightings, recorded on camera and analyzed by the U.S. Defense Department for several years now. There does not appear to be any answers at the moment.

“I am worried, frankly. You know, if these were tactical jets from another country that were hanging out up there, it would be a massive issue,” Graves tells Bill Whitaker in an interview airing Sunday on 60 Minutes. “But because it looks slightly different, we’re not willing to actually look at the problem in the face. We’re happy to just ignore the fact that these are out there, watching us every day.”

He added that pilots who have seen the UFOs have speculated they may be secret U.S. technology, or perhaps even a “spy platform” being used by another country. Or, just maybe, it could be something else entirely.

“This is a difficult one to explain,” Graves said. “You have rotation, you have high altitudes. You have propulsion, right? I don’t know. I don’t know what it is, frankly.”

That said, Graves did not rule out the idea that the UFOs could be could be a Russian or Chinese technology.

“I would say, you know, the highest probability is it’s a threat observation program,”Β he said.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and NBA.com, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side, FortyEightMinutes.com.


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  1. Generally I’m skeptical of UFO’s (& ghosts for that matter). But these things hit speeds 100X beyond what any human could withstand, and over 10X what any current military aircraft could withstand without breaking apart (speeds estimated at 43,000 mi/hr, or 14 mi/sec). These are objects that can also make instant 90 degree turns at high speeds. It’s hard to believe the US, China or Russia has developed technology that far advanced of current max limits or abilities. And ones that can operate similarly in the air and underwater to boot.

    Of course, I always go back to…..if there are so many of them, with all of the phone cams in circulation, why aren’t there more clear videos of these aircrafts? Why do they seem to only come out at night? And why do they just fly around and never land? I’ve never seen one, and don’t know anyone who has. Needless to say, I’m conflicted.

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