Ex-AEW Star Jake Atlas Told Cops His Boyfriend Is ‘Terrible At Sex’

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Jake Atlas, an openly gay professional wrestler, showed off his promo skills during a spring arrest when he likened himself to “an international trained superstar,” then told police offers that his boyfriend was “terrible at sex.”

As OutKick previously reported, Atlas was arrested for domestic battery in May. Atlas and his partner were engaged in a sexual encounter along with a female, when Atlas reportedly became upset that his partner was paying more attention to the female.

TMZ Sports has since obtained footage of Atlas’ arrest, which shows the former WWE and AEW wrestler pumping himself up while tearing down his boyfriend.

“I am an international trained superstar,” Atlas tells police. “I have worked across the country, across the world…He is a nobody.”

The “nobody” Atlas was referring to called police, telling them that Atlas, whose real name is Β Kenny Sanchez Martinez, attacked him multiple times and ripped his shirt. When police attempted to get Atlas’ side of the story, the wrestler went off on a tangent about his sex life and his partner’s lack of bedroom skills.

“He’s 6’5 and f*ckin jacked as f*ck. I won’t touch him,” an intoxicated Atlas said of his boyfriend. “I’ve had the best sex of my life ever, that isn’t him.”

He Played The Race Card Too

Atlas, who signed with AEW in early January, quickly pivoted his anger from his boyfriend’s sexual shortcomings to his skin color. “(Atlas’ partner) is white as f*ck so that’s why he doesn’t understand rights. But I’m Mexican and I will do what I need to do to protect myself from (the police). I’m not going to let you use your white power against me,” Atlas told a police officer.

Moments later, Atlas circled back to his partner’s sexual limitations. “He’s a terrible boyfriend and he’s terrible at sex,” Atlas said.

The 27-year-old Atlas was arrested at the scene and charged with domestic violence battery. Those charges were eventually dropped and Atlas apologized, then entered himself into a substance abuse and mental health treatment program.

Prior to joining AEW, Atlas wrestled in the WWE from 2019 toΒ  2021. He sustained a knee injury in his AEW debut match on January 7th and has not been in the ring since.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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