Europe Considering ‘Accepting the Virus’ With New COVID-19 Strategy

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Here’s a change.

Spain, Portugal and Britain are considering adopting a new COVID-19 strategy in which it treats the next infection surge as an illness, not an emergency, the Press Herald reports.

Originally, countries like Spain tried to stop the virus completely. Under the new strategy, it would instead accept “that infections will occur.”

Pedro Sánchez, Spain’s center-left prime minister, says Spain changed its mind because the Omicron variant is less lethal, thus should be treated differently. Sánchez said he hopes the European Union will adopt a similar new COVID-19 strategy.

“What we are saying is that in the next few months and years, we are going to have to think, without hesitancy and according to what science tells us, how to manage the pandemic with different parameters,” Sánchez said Monday.

“We are doing our homework, anticipating scenarios.”

Other European governments are less ambitious about implementing a COVID change. Notably, Italy is extending its vaccination mandate to all citizens age 50 or older and imposing fines of up to 1,500 euros for unvaccinated people who show up at work.

“For some other European governments, the idea of normalizing COVID-19 is at odds with their efforts to boost vaccination among reluctant groups,” the AP concludes.

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  1. Normalization of Covid would require all authorities to admit they were WRONG in their initial assessments, forecasts, listened to the wrong “experts” and politicized science. Then after that, they’d need to apologize to people for wrecking western civilization the last two years via systemically incompetent leadership. I wouldn’t hold my breath for that to happen here among the narcissistic collective running the joint. The only way to change anything is voting out the rot across the board in droves now.

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