ESPN Writer Disturbed By U.S. Flag At Olympics, Reminds Him of Jan. 6

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ESPN sportswriter William Rhoden appeared on CBS This Morning to express his disdain for the presence of the U.S. flag at the Tokyo Olympics.

According to Rhoden, the athletes who carry the American flag remind him of the rise of white nationalism.

Here are the full comments from this grandstanding, race-baiting moron:

“I love the opening ceremonies, march of countries. Then I realized, you know, man, particularly after these last four years, I had it wrong. Nationalism is not good. We’ve seen the rise of white nationalism.

“And also, this whole idea, I keep thinking back on the Capitol riots, and I saw a lot of, you know, U.S. flags,” Rhoden said

Rhoden then insists that white Americans don’t believe black people belong on U.S. soil:

“So now when I see the flag and the flag raised, what — what America am I living in? You know, are the ones that don’t think, you know, we should be here?”

That is such a lie. Why do these networks allow people to spread racial division based on lies?

Make no mistake about it, ESPN executives hear these comments and fume. However, disputing baseless claims of racism makes you a racist, at least according Twitter and the press. So ESPN won’t dare do it. Instead, they will likely reward Rhoden with air time.

William Rhoden never offered any evidence that the flag represents white nationalism. But, of course, CBS didn’t ask him to. Rhoden simply threw out buzzwords like racist, Jan. 6, and white nationalism. Unfortunately, in 2021, that’s how one stays relevant in the minds of media execs.

Now, I’m about to post something very offensive. You’ve been warned:

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Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. I’m pretty sure China would welcome these dopes with open arms. Actually, I take that back. China wants – and pays for – these dopes in America, spreading anti-American propaganda. Since ESPN/Disney is reliant on Chinese $$$ to maintain shareholder value, they happily agree.

    I don’t believe the execs at ESPN fume. It’s all part of the business model. So long as their options vest, they are happy.

  2. We blew up 2 cities in Japan with atomic bombs and they are not “disturbed”: by the sight of our flag, flying in their country no less. Instead, they love us. Perhaps this bozo should step outside his pathetically intolerant, hate-filled progressive bubble and pay attention to what is going on in the rest of the world.

  3. This isn’t a one-off. It’s not just some kooky writer from ESPN saying this. I promise you progressive elementary and middle school teachers across the country are running with this.

    There will be an increasing push that the national anthem and the flag are wHiTe wUpreMaCisT. The gaslighting is in full effect. We can’t split into two countries although I would prefer that – at this point.

      • I am in full agreement that with the aggressive level of anti-American hatred coming from the Left – it’s simply unsustainable.

        But it seems like it’s not so simple —> consider North Carolina. The state was 49% Trump
        48% Biden. What becomes the destiny of a state that is nearly 50/50? (Wisconsin a blue version of this) How do you split that?

  4. No dumba$$ what you have unequivocally seen is the rise of Marxism and black nationalism.. or an attempt at it. Thorsen is a moron who has always been a racist. He just kept it under wraps for most of his career.

    Perhaps he should be given a sucker, a puppy and sent to a nursery school.

  5. I know these stories are posted here so we can all make fun of these idiots, but it really gets depressing after a while to know that there are people out there like this. And also that they are not paying a price for their attitudes.

  6. My progressive grandmother (former librarian, of course) informed me that more than half of the 77 million people who voted for DJT were motivated by wHitE sUprEmaCy.

    She would come to regret those words as I basically cut her out. We only speak come the holidays. I’m simply not gonna put up with that.

  7. These people are babies. It’s been ridiculous. Now it’s getting corny. Even people who might be on their side in a few things look at them like their petulant little brats. When someone kneels it’s not looked at as some heroic thing. It’s looked at as you trying to get your woke 10 minutes of fame. It’s lame.

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