ESPN Signs Colin Kaepernick To Production Deal, Embraces WokeCenter

Well, ESPN finally did it.

They’ve officially embraced WokeCenter programming and are turning their back on the vast majority of their audience who just wants sports and sports news — they’ve signed Colin Kaepernick to a production deal and will be producing a documentary on his life.

I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

Quoth ESPN president Jimmy Pitaro in the release: “Developing exceptional storytelling told through a wide array of voices is at the core of who we are at ESPN. Colin has had a singular path as both an athlete and an activist, and, as the nation continues to confront racism and social injustice, it feels particularly relevant to hear Colin’s voice on his evolution and motivations.”

Bob Iger, Disney’s former CEO said as follows: “Colin’s experience gives him a unique perspective on the intersection of sports, culture and race, which will undoubtedly create compelling stories that will educate, enlighten and entertain, and we look forward to working with him on this important collaboration.”

As if that weren’t enough, Jemele Hill, last seen being forced out at ESPN because no one watched her WokeCenter show, is producing the documentary on Kaepernick’s life.

This is a fascinating decision because ESPN recently posted its lowest primetime rating in over 25 years after a night of social justice warrior programming and all of the data consistently reflects that viewers don’t look to ESPN for political programming at all. It reeks of desperation.

Every time ESPN embraces WokeCenter programming it fails. This is like 2016 all over again.

And Kaepernick is the horse they bet on? This will fail in a major way when it comes to adding and retaining viewers.

I mean we’re talking about a guy who called police modern day slave catchers, praised Fidel Castro and Cuba as a leader and country the United States should emulate, a guy who wore pig socks at NFL practice, a guy who got beaten out at quarterback by Blaine Freaking Gabbert, and a guy who refused to stand for the national anthem saying, “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” now getting rewarded with millions of dollars from a sports TV company.

By the way, you ever notice how that quote about why Kaepernick started his protest has vanished? The media pretends his protest has never been about the flag or the anthem despite the fact that on the day he started his protest he specifically said it was about disrespecting the flag and the anthem.

Yet when Drew Brees said he thought not standing for the anthem was disrespectful, it was like Kaepernick’s initial quote didn’t even exist. People ripped Brees for having the audacity to even suggest such a thing. When Brees was directly responding to Kaepernick’s own statement!

Just yesterday Colin Kaepernick Tweeted out an inflammatory Twitter message denigrating the 4th of July.

Only in America can you become fabulously wealthy by ripping the entire country and its institutions to shreds.

This is one of the most transparently dishonest media moves I have ever seen, the attempt to turn Kaepernick into some sort of hero despite the fact that he’s a dishonest fraud. I can’t wait for the hagiography ESPN produces that attempts to make Kaepernick Muhammad Ali.

Now I understand why many of you are angry about ESPN turning their backs on the average sports fan. But to be honest, this is tremendous news for Outkick. ESPN has effectively told at least half of the American sporting audience: “We don’t care about you at all. We’re going to reward a non-athlete with millions of dollars and hours and hours of attention.”

They’ve fulfilled every MSESPN claim I’ve ever made in one fell swoop.

And then some.

This is glorious news for Outkick. ESPN’s audience will continue to decline, ours will continue to surge.

Go ahead and bookmark Outkick if you aren’t an insane far left wing sports fan. We welcome you with open arms.

As for ESPN, yikes. This is the company’s biggest error since giving Caitlyn Jenner an ESPY, an error that took years to recover from. This will take much longer. I love it.

MSESPN gonna MSESPN, y’all.

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.


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  1. Yeah I just don’t get them anymore. Pitaro didn’t last a year before his plan to make ESPN less political turned into them becoming more woke than ever before. Every time ESPN goes political they lose viewers. It’s like that SpongeBob meme, “How many times do we (viewers) have to teach you this lesson old man (ESPN)?”

  2. Some days I feel like I’m wandering in the dessert Thirsty for honesty and logic, and then I see an oasis of joy and sanity In the distance. I get closer and then I can see the sign out front and it says ‘Outkick’ on it.

    I grind my way to get closer to this unbelievable site. And I get there and look inside, and I find that inside are normal people that seem like super hero’s with Super powers of reason and logic.

    They are normal people Inside this Outkick oasis, in a world of abnormal and it feels like paradise inside.

    Outkick the Coverage is the ‘Logan’s Run‘ of Sports Media In Reverse.

    Buh Bye MSESPN! You are now the World Wide Leader of Snorts and sniffles ?

  3. ESPN has slowly begun to disappear from my daily sports show rotation and I can’t find one single reason to ever tune in, except for the actual games that are played and shows like GameDay. Their daily programming and Woke Center are impossible to watch. SVP still gets it done but I’m rarely up that late to watch. Outkick is the one site I frequent throughout the day and the VIP package makes it even more worth my time.

    • I haven’t turned ESPN on for months, and rarely go to their website. They are lucky to have College Gameday and so many great college football games on their stations in the fall or I would probably never watch ESPN again.

  4. You forgot the most ironic part. He called police officers modern day slave catchers, then went to Ghana, the former slave trading hub of the world, and wore the Kente cloth that actual slave catchers in Africa wore at the time! You can’t make this stuff up.

  5. At the very least, I hope Blaine Gabbert’s getting royalties for being the QB that inadvertently sparked Colin’s lucrative “wokeness.” Oh and for those who need a refresher (which I doubt but I enjoy posting this link anyway):

    KNBR scrubbed this from their site when Kap morphed into the wack-tivist we see today. The internet is forever, folks.

  6. I can literally hear in my head Clay shout “Blaine Freaking Gabbert!” Don’t forget, Kaep went on a vegan diet and could not put on weight after his shoulder surgery. He looked skinny and weak. That diet isn’t for many athletes, but he stuck to it, to his detriment. Maybe it was a sort of hunger strike for Kaep.

  7. The content Outkick puts out is second to none. It’s baffling to me how much these corporations let such a small percentage of the population control what they put out. It’s so refreshing to see Outkick not bend the knee to the mob like almost every other media site has done. I hope this site continues to grow and reaches an even larger audience, because I feel the spirit of America is in jeopardy.

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