ESPN Series On Politics Has So Far Avoided The Elephant In The Room, Black Lives Matter

Total197 This week, ESPN is publishing a series of stories examining “how professional sports owners in America contribute to political campaigns, why they spend millions” on politics and what it means as athletes embrace political activism. ESPN described the five stories it will publish this way: * Three different reasons owners donate to politicians. * More

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Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. Bingo! Four years ago when this Kap kneeling started, I was angry at the NFL for it’s tepid at best reaction to pre-game antics. I stopped watching and did some research. When I found out Joe Lockhart was Communications Director for NFL, I said “holy deepstate”. He is a far left hack if there ever was one. He also sold or leased his D.C. home to Barack Obama.(when 44 is not on Martha’s Vineyard or Hawaii) I’m a former high school history teacher and boy has that stereotype of rich Republicans and blue collar Dems been dismissed . Most big $ to Biden and working folks flocking to Trump. Not your father’s Democrat party!

  2. Jason whether you want to be or not, you’ve become a champion for many who feel their voices are being squashed. Anyone who is pro-Trump or is anti-BLM risks being called everything in the book. You call out hypocrisy and tell the truths the left despise hearing. Lockhart’s time in the NFL just strengthens another hard truth, the left destroys everything it touches.

  3. It just boggles the mind. Great work again Jason. BTW, have you read “A Failure of Nerve” by Edwin Friedman. I just ask because I’m re-reading it again and am, again, struck by how profound and important it is. It’ll blow your mind. Give it a read…but take some time, it’s dense

    • One quote (of many) that illustrates Friedman’s genius (he wrote the book 20+ years ago) – “When a society (or any institution) is in a state of emotional regression, it will put its technological advances to the service of its regression, so that the more it advances on one level the more it regresses on another.” AND HE WROTE THIS WITH NO KNOWLEDGE OF TWITTER!

  4. I’m sure their article on athletes promoting change, via voting for a 47 year political veteran with a history of enacting policies seen by the modern left as racist, and straight up dropping N bombs casually back in the day, will be a fucking riot. Also their rage at law enforcement will be satisfied in Harris, whose tenure as DA of California would probably make the average law and order advocate retch – and I don’t mean in the sense of Portland’s DA – no this bitch threw homeless truant parents in jail without batting an eye and wanted to use inmates to fight the forest fires caused by their incompetent forest management policies.

    Damn I hate leftism and stupid athletes.

  5. Jason —
    I believe very few in the sports community could answer the basic questions about Karl Marx.
    Who was he?
    What is Marxism?
    What do you mean by Western-prescribed cultural norms?
    What’s the difference between the BLM organization and the so-called movement?
    Why should we feel threatened by the BLM organization?
    In your next post, please help everyone better understand this issue.

  6. ESPN has become just another hate spewing leftist parrot of the terrorist cult known as the DemocRat party. Unless a U of Maryland team or the Chargers are playing, I have no use for them. I used to watch them all the time in the 80s and 90s, before they became a leftist activist network.
    We want to watch sports to relax and escape everyday crap, but they just want to hammer us with leftist drivel.

  7. Bernard Goldberg got it right all the way back in 2001. There’s the bias that’s present in the actual words of an article, but more importantly, there’s the bias in what stories are covered, and which are covered… by a pillow… until the thrashing stops. If a story is covered, and the coverage is biased, well, at least some sunlight was shone, and people can be left to form their own opinions. If a story is never covered, it becomes that much more difficult to build awareness.

  8. “Virtually every coach and player took a knee during the national anthem in deference to BLM”

    And when Meyers Leonard of the Heat stood for the anthem, ESPN posted a story about it. Because he stood! To ESPN, standing for the anthem is no longer normal, and they are quick to call out those who do not fall in line with their definition of normal, which is now taking a knee or other form of protest.

  9. Preach on brother!! I’m sick and tired of hearing only about one side in the dialogue about politics and sports. BLM is a virus that should be treated much like the Covid pandemic. At some point these athletes will understand that the people who pay their salaries (i.e. fans) will vote with their feet and stop watching. I’m through with basketball because BLM was crammed down our throats and the NFL may be next.

  10. I couldn’t agree with Steve Helderman more. It is actually comforting reading Jason battle the left with truths and facts. You truly are our voice Jason. I don’t think it’s hyperbole to consider your work noble. Thank you and keep fighting the good fight for all of us Jason

  11. Jason, I like this line: “Donations to Republican political candidates are framed by the mainstream media and Twitter-addicted athletes as direct deposits to the Ku Klux Klan.” It is amazing the false narratives Twitter has been able to create. I mean, we all know racism exists, but it is the democrats who destroy cities, destroy hope, destroy individuality, and who try to take all joy out of life. They(Rachel Maddow, Max Kellerman, Chris Hayes, etc.) have made millions upon millions from their jobs of selling hate. They are the ones who fuel racism. It just astounds me how successful twitter and big tech have been in brainwashing people.

  12. Jason you so right about BLM and the NBA . Your reader should go to the Megyn Kelly pod cast she did with Mark Cuban. He sounded like total ass trying to defend the NBA putting BLM on there count . Cuban said that BLM didn’t mean BLM and then Cuban said the TV rating being lowest ever for NBA play off had nothing to do with the NBA being part of BLM protest . Kelly made Cuban sound like a total Fool .

    The NFL seen what happen to the NBA rating and would no part of that .Plus NFL player are smarter .

  13. Thank you!!
    Break up the dishonest and wreckless media monopoly. They are destroying our democratic republic, a republic that provides (or should I say has provided) God-given freedoms to Americans and hope and light to countless others in the world.

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