ESPN Says College GameDay’s Lee Corso Is Battling Health Issues, Out Saturday

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Lee Corso will not travel to Jackson State for Saturday’s College GameDay due to health reasons, according to ESPN. This will be the third show Corso has missed this fall due to undisclosed health issues.

Corso, a staple of College GameDay since the show’s inception in the mid-1990s, missed back-to-back shows last month, but returned for the Oct. 15 showdown between Alabama and Tennessee.

Corso was also on set for last week’s show in Eugene, Oregon, and appeared back to his normal self.

And by that, I mean the 87-year-old held a live duck on set … twice.

Lee Corso to miss third College GameDay due to health.
Lee Corso continues to battle health issues during College GameDay season. (Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images)

Corso’s health has been a hop topic all season, and this certainly won’t douse the flames.

Things got so dire that a rumor circulated on social media earlier this month that Corso had passed away, forcing longtime partner Kirk Herbstreit to step in and say, ‘not so fast, my friend!’

ESPN says Lee Corso out with health issues

It’s not secret that Corso has lost his fastball in recent years, especially after his stroke back in 2009.

But the legendary coach is still beloved in college football circles, and is still must-see TV every Saturday at 11:59 when he dons the headgear.

Hopefully this is just a minor setback for a major comeback. GameDay anchor Rece Davis confirmed as much on Twitter saying, “LC is dealing with a few little health issues — they’re taken care of from what I’m told — and we’re looking forward to having him back on that set with us and putting on those headgears on in no time.”

For what it’s worth, I wouldn’t be surprise if Corso just wanted a week off.

The guy ain’t a spring chicken, and he basically said last week he hoped GameDay would be in his hometown of Orlando this week — and then UCF ruined that. Maybe he just decided a trip to Jackson, Mississippi wasn’t worth it.

Frankly, could you blame him?

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