ESPN Promotes Boss Who Hates Donald Trump To Number Two In Company

This morning ESPN announced that Connor Schell, newly promoted, would be the new second most powerful man in the company behind head boss John Skipper. Within a few minutes of that announcement conservative ESPN employees were sending me messages asking me to check out Connor Schell’s Tweets from back during the election.

And I know this is going to completely shock you guys, but it turns out that Connor Schell is a huge left winger who expressed public disgust on his Twitter account over the election of Donald Trump and endorsed the idea that Trump oppresses minorities, women, and gays.

MSESPN gonna MSESPN, y’all.

Indeed, Schell spent all election day retweeting and commenting on left wing candidates and endorsing left wing talking points. This would, of course, seem to be a clear violation of ESPN’s own stated policy on politics, which requests that talent connect their Tweets to sports if possible.

How can conservative ESPN talent be comfortable espousing their political beliefs if Disney CEO Bob Iger is considering running for President as a Democrat and using ESPN as his public platform, the head of ESPN John Skipper is an avowed far left winger, and the new number two guy at the company has been aggressively Tweeting about left wing politics for months and hates Donald Trump? Do you really trust this guy to stick to sports when he’s being rewarded for not sticking to sports at Disney?

Here’s Schell on election day when he was optimistic Hillary was going to win. (I screenshotted these after being tipped off by multiple conservative ESPN employees. That way if they disappear when ESPN PR runs screaming down the hallway ten seconds after this post is published, they’ll exist forever.)

I particularly love the comparison of Trump to the Buffalo Bills team that gave up a big lead to the Houston Oilers. Except, you know, Trump won. FYI, Jason Kander was the Missouri Democratic candidate for Senate running against the Republican. FYI, he lost too.

But as the night turns more troubling, Connor Schell gets more distraught, eventually retweeting the vice president’s wife lamenting the election of Donald Trump and saying that Trump’s supporters “openly voted for the oppression of LGBT’s, minorities’ and women’s rights.”

In the days ahead Schell went on to blame dumb people for the election of Donald Trump and retweeted a suggestion that the President should be taunted over losing the popular vote.

Of course, Schell hasn’t stopped with the political Tweets, he recently encouraged people to compare the crowds at Trump’s election with the women’s march.

Ever wonder why ESPN has given so much attention to Greg Popovich’s opinion of Donald Trump? Why do we care, he’s just a coach? Think it might have something to do with having a top executive who hates Trump? Here’s Schell retweeting Popovich ripping Trump.

And, just for good measure, ESPN’s new number two man also wants to make sure and encourage you guys to get involved in politics.

On the very day that Donald Trump gets elected.

Guess who liked this Tweet? His own on-air employee, Rachel Nichols. Libs gonna lib.

But why should Schell get involved in politics when he can just stay at ESPN and get promoted to second most powerful at the company for being a left winger and then be able to enforce his left wing political views on the nation and all his subordinates who are afraid to disagree for fear they might get fired?

Look Connor Schell may be a very good and talented guy, but the truth of the matter is this — he’s a left wing political zealot who was comfortable enough at ESPN that he was okay with publicly violating the rules he’s helped promulgate for employees and their own political views.

And he gets promoted for it.

Yet despite all the clear evidence that ESPN has gone left wing, reveled in alienating conservative viewers, and consistently rewarded those with left wing political views, they keep making decisions like this. How can you possibly trust ESPN to make fair editorial decisions when the executives in charge of the product hate Donald Trump and his supporters?

So for all of you who voted for Donald Trump and watch ESPN, just know the new guy second in command at ESPN thinks you voted for Trump because you wanted to oppress gays, minorities and women.

And that you’re deplorable.

MSESPN gonna MSESPN, y’all.


Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.