ESPN Analyst Says This Team Should Also Join The SEC

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With Texas and Oklahoma packing their bags for the SEC, ESPN’s David Pollack is of the opinion that the conference should send an additional moving van to another one of college football’s power programs. Pollack’s suggestion would see Clemson wave goodbye to the ACC and hello to the SEC.

“…I don’t see how it doesn’t make the most sense for them to plug into the SEC…” Pollack said on ESPN’s College Football Live. “They’re right there in the south, they’re right there in the powerhouse, they’re recruiting just fine against everybody else. My God, it seems to make a lot of sense that the ACC or Clemson will join the SEC.”

Pollack, who was a standout at perennial SEC contender Georgia, can’t see Clemson sticking around much longer: “ACC, what do you do? Again, you’re not in a position of power. You don’t have a huge league that everybody’s looking to get a bunch of members of. So, I think that, again, Clemson — just like the Big 12. It was very much focused on what OU and Texas wanted,” said Pollack. “ACC, it’s like, ‘Clemson, please don’t leave me, bro. Like, stay as long as you can and then, maybe bring a spot for me if I need to.’ “

There’s certainly a strong case for the Tigers to align with the SEC. They’re located in the south, have one of the biggest names in all of college football, and would seemingly generate millions of dollars more by making the move.

But the grass (or field turf) isn’t always greener on the other side. The Tigers have dominated the ACC – one of college football’s power five conferences, to the point where they’ve made six straight trips to the playoffs. Sliding into the SEC would make the road to the playoffs considerably harder to navigate.

In a glimpse of things to (possibly) come, Clemson opens the season against Pollack’s alma mater, Georgia on September 4th.

Written by Anthony Farris


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    • Because the Recruits don’t really care about the playoffs.. they care about the NFL. Now that TX and OU are SEC, the NFL is gonna be all about the SEC…

      Clemson now MUST be 12-0 to get into the playoffs over a 11-1 Texas or a 10-2 Florida…. “Strength of schedule is gonna be YUGE for that 4th spot, now.

    • ACC has had several years (somewhat) recently where it’s been a really solid conference but once Jimbo let FSU go to shit there’s only been one powerhouse and that’s Clemson. FSU is what UF was 4 years ago. Dan Mullen turned things around quick. Hopefully the same can be done w/ Norvell. Also, no reason Miami shouldn’t be a ranked team but they haven’t done shit in 20 years.

      If you can get Clemson, FSU, Miami, UNC, VT, and GT as consistently ranked teams it’s a respectable conference. If not, Clemson is going to keep kicking everyone’s ass and be a default playoff team.

      • actually, we should.

        The closest college to 99% of Americans is a D1 college that WILL NEVER make the Playoffs.

        One of the reasons we are in this situation of “needing a playoff” is that there are TOO MANY schools in D1.. Every conference has AT LEAST 6 teams that will NEVER be contenders.. and off the “Big 5” conferences, only about 3 of them really have “contenders.”

        I hate the NCAA. I’d love to see them go away. A LARGE and dominate SEC could bring that about.

    • Here the deal tho.. If the CFP is expanded to 12 teams that could change everything. A jump to the SEC could mean millions of more $$$ per year and the expanded playoff field would likely make up for the more difficult schedule.

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