Erin Andrews Reveals ‘Massive Fear’ Of Dropping F-Bomb During Live Hits, Talks Powder Room Etiquette

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Erin Andrews has a potty mouth off camera, and the longtime sideline reporter knows it’s just a matter of time until it leaks into the big screen.

Andrews revealed that dropping an F-bomb during one of her live hits is still her biggest fear to this day, and, while it somehow hasn’t happened yet, she’s not taking any chances moving forward.

“That’s a massive fear,” Andrews told podcast partner Charissa Thompson during their Calm Down podcast. “Massive. Massive!”

While Thompson, who started hosting Amazon’s NFL Thursday night pregame show this past season, says she doesn’t even think about the possibility, Andrews clams up when she asks her if she’s ever done it before.

“Oh my God, no! I am knocking on everything,” she responds.

Erin Andrews, Charissa Thompson talk powder room poops

I’m with Erin, here. This – and the fact that I don’t look anything like Erin Andrews – is exactly why I could never be on live TV. I’m way too much of a loose cannon to be in any situation without a dump button.

I’d be canceled so quick your heads would spin.

As a viewer, though, I LOVE the hit mic cussing. Live for it. Kirk Herbstreit give us like three hot mic moments this past season and each was better than the last.

Erin Andrews is a star at FOX.
Erin Andrews deserves to be protected at all costs. (Photo by Jason Mendez/WireImage)

Lee Corso once tried to give a blind kid a high-five during College GameDay, and also dropped a HARD F-bomb during one his headgear picks.

Coach is wired for that life, though. Doesn’t even bat an eye. Not me, though. I can’t even imagine what things I’d accidentally say on air. I’d go viral, but then never be heard from again.

Glad our girl Erin Andrews is a consummate professional, though. Need her around as long as possible.

By the way, a couple more tidbits I found while researching this story …

Both girls apparently think taking a dump in “the powder room” of someone’s house is a no-go? Huh?

First off, who uses the term “powder room” anymore? I’m not even 100% sure what that is. I’ve certainly never had enough money for one.

You gotta poop, you gotta poop. Sorry. Powder room, living room, laundry room, front door, doesn’t matter. My stomach doesn’t know what room it’s in. Never has, never will.

PS: this comment made me laugh, because it’s something we’ve all grown up choosing to ignore.

“Wait, smoking hot chicks poop?”

Written by Zach Dean

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